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How to Cleanse Grow Move and Go with Jovanka's four week inner makeover

Summer is just around the corner and with spring in full swing, many people go on a cleanse to get ready for the upcoming season of sun and surf. During a long cold winter it's easy for the body to slowdown and stay indoors and get less exercise. If you've consumed too much sweets and followed not the healthiest diet during the colder months, then Jovanka Ciares and her four week "Sexy Belly Cleanse" just may rid you of the winter weight gain. After healing her own health crisis a decade ago, which had her visiting numerous doctors, Jovanka made a decision to change her lifestyle to return to health. Now, she has designed numerous programs to show others the same. One of her popular programs is the "Sexy Belly Cleanse".

Jovanka Ciares — a wellness expert, nutrition coach and a one-woman jolt of motivation for your sexy, happy + healthy life.
Jovanka Ciares

What is the "Sexy Belly Cleanse"?

The SBC is a transformational online program that will help you experience new levels of health and wellbeing (and a hot, sexy belly) by preparing, following and completing a Mind-Body-Spirit detox cleanse. With it, you won’t only cleanse your body, you’ll also learn to feed your mind clean thoughts and nurture your soul with clean, beautifying feelings. You’ll learn what works for you and WHY and will feel happy, healthy and sexy inside and out!

How did you go about designing?
This program is a result of 15 years of self-discovery, study and training with the likes of Dr. T Colin Campbell (author of The China Study) among others. Years ago, before becoming an entrepreneur, I was climbing the Corporate ladder and building a success career but my body was failing me. I suffered from ulcers, IBS and fibroids. The available treatments weren’t effective and even when I wanted to give up, my inner Wellness Warrior refused to give in. That’s when I tuned inward and listened. I recognized that my body's own innate wisdom wanted me to explore alternative treatments. And so I did: from juicing, to colonics, from breathe work to hypnosis. What I learned healed my body and enriched my soul.

Friends, family, colleagues saw my transformation and wanted to learn how. They too wanted to feel like a million dollars. So I set out to create a program that will give you the tools to create a blueprint for your own personal wellness transformation in a relatively short amount of time.

What are the key concepts that participants will learn?
Essentially, participants will learn to revolutionize their relationship between mind-body-spirit. You will learn how to naturally cleanse your body of unwanted toxins as well as release extra weight & bloating. There are a dozen other benefits but I believe that among all others, the most important takeaway from this program is tapping into your deeper values to develop a stronger connection with your self and awaken that mind-body-spirit connection that will help you feel like a million dollars and live in a state of “sexy belly bliss” regardless of what stage of health and wellness you are in.

How did recognize a need for this program?
I see the need for a program like this every day as I work with clients on a 1-on-1 basis. To me, the need was two-fold: first, we live in a world that is overly polluted. We feel the need to detox yet most of us cannot go away to a spa resort and consume only green juices for 5 days. That may not be safe or doable for most. Instead, learning what works for you and following a simple practice of consuming clean foods, feeding your mind clean thoughts and nurture your soul with clean, beautifying feelings may be most effective. That to me is the recipe for a successful clean, conscious lifestyle.

Just as important is the need for self-care. There are plenty of detox cleanses available in the market and plenty more weight loss programs. Most people sign up to these programs looking to kick start their weight loss, thinking that this may be the solution to all their problems. You’ve heard the rationale: “When I lose weight I will... (date again, get that new job, become confident, feel sexier)”. Yet once you reach that goal, you may not feel that much better. What I saw was a craving to be nurtured, to feel loved, to mend our relationship with ourselves. This program addresses those needs in a simple, yet powerful way.

Tell me how it's different and unique?
This program is a holistic approach to your average cleanse. You will learn how to do a food-based 21-day detox and will learn mind-spirit techniques that will enrich your mind and soul.

You will also be armed with knowledge and resources that can be used for the rest of your life. Instead of just giving you “bread”, I’ll show you “how to cook” sort to speak.

Describe your prof background and what led you to become a coach?
As I mentioned earlier, I spent 12 years in Corporate America, as an executive for a large multi-national corporation. As I climbed the corporate ladder I got very sick and stressed out: ulcers, IBS, fibroids plagued my body and caused a great deal of pain and suffering, all before I turned 30.

In my quest towards healing I learned a wealth of information. I tried Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation. I changed my diet and started practicing mind-spirit techniques. I devoured books, took course after course and became extremely passionate about the human body and its ability to heal. As my body healed and I learned to live in the moment and embrace a kinder, more compassionate state of mind. People started to notice and asked me for advice. So in essence, I started working as a coach even before I left my corporate job.

Eventually I went back to school to study nutrition, emotional eating and get certified as a life and wellness coach. I left my lucrative career in Corporate America to follow my passion to help people create their own personal wellness bliss.

Are there testimonials from your work that stand out to you?
Here are a few:

After working with Jovanka I have kept up eating the same way as much as possible. This week had a few cheats but now for lunch, the best quinoa salad in the world. I have more energy than ever. Went dancing last night, danced one hour straight. Before, after one song I’d be dead exhausted. Not anymore. Felt like a walk in the park. THANK YOU!
- Alejandra Duque, Queens, NY

Jovanka clearly has dreams of this world being a better place and all beings living a better life, but they are not just dreams or something that she preaches about… she lives it.

- Oscar M. Los Angeles, CA


Let me begin by saying Jovanka is a really special woman. She is intelligent, unique and full of energy! During my work with her we constructed a Life Vision Board to get my imagination flowing about what I wanted for my future. Her words of wisdom and her natural empathy guided me through the process and I came away energized and with a renewed sense of optimism. The ideas helped me design a plan for my future. I would love to work with Jovanka every weekend!
- Debbie Berebichez, PhD

Do you offer other programs and ways to work with you?
I offer personalized coaching packages on a 1-1 basis and I do lectures and speaking engagements all over the country as well as internationally, both in Spanish (my native language) and English.

I am also the creator the Clean Foods Diet Method (, a program that allows you to simultaneously cleanse and lose weight using the power of plant-based nutrition.

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