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How to choose your personal trainer

Many of us join a health club and then get lost in how to get the most results in the least amount of time.  If you're one of these members and you're interested in trying out personal training, then you might what to know what to look for in a personal trainer.

To begin, your trainer should be certified with a nationally recognized organization.  Such certifications include NASM or ACE.  There are many other certifications.  To find out about a certification you can go to the web and look it up.  There are typically many articles concerning certifications and the expertise that one receives from obtaining it.

Next, find out how long your trainer has been working in the field.  Be cautious here; there are many trainers who stretch the truth about their experience and job expertise.  How can you tell?  Sometimes you can; sometimes you won't be able to check. To begin, some health clubs place the certifications on the wall so you can see for yourself how long your trainer has been certified.

Another consideration you should keep in mind is to ask if your trainer has any specialty areas.  For instance, a trainer can specialize in weight training; Olympic lifting or body building.  A trainer can specialize in cardiovascular fitness, women's health, Yoga or Pilates.  There are many areas one can choose to focus.  You'll want to ask if there is a specialty area and how their specialty can help you reach your goals.

Most health clubs will have deals for participants.  That is, the more training you purchase, the less the cost per hour.  Although the deal gets better as the number of sessions increases, I would suggest that you begin with a modest amount of training purchased.  You really want to know if training is for you; if you and your trainer are a good match; if your schedule is going to work for both you and the trainer with whom you'll be working.

Personal training is a great way to get an idea of your potential. You can learn alot about working out and what works for you.   Make sure you make good decisions concerning how you choose to spend your money at your health club, and how you spend your time.


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