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How to choose the perfect domain name for your blog

How to choose a good domain name

• Keep it simple. You want something easy to spell with no hyphens.

• Pick a .com (not .net or .org). Most people look up .com first. If your name is not available with a .com, I would pick another name.

• Don’t make it too specific. A mommy blog named might make sense now. But what if baby number four comes along?

• Don’t make it too general. Don’t pack all your passions in one domain name just to be sure you covered all the bases. If you think you might want to blog about gardening, pets and your grandmother’s cookie recipes, is just too much. Pick one topic and blog about that. Later you can have another blog!

• Check to see if it’s also available on facebook, twitter, etc. It would be sad to register the perfect name only to discover that someone else is using it on social networks. You can enter a potential name on KnowEm and it will check over 500 social networks to see if it’s widely available. I would not worry about most of those. But you at least want it available on facebook.

• Make sure it feels right. You might have that domain for a long time. You don’t want it to be something you might get sick of.

• If you can’t decide, you can always use your name. It’s kind of cool to have your name as a .com. And in case one day you are famous, you know you’re domain is locked in!