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How to Choose the Best Muscle Building Supplements For Better Results

So you’re in the market for some muscle growth supplements, yet you don’t know what to get, or how to go about choosing the best supplement for gains. No worries, here are some do’s and don’ts when approaching muscle growth supplements.

Learn what supplements to take
Photo by Jerod Harris

The first thing about muscle building supplements that you need to know is that there’s a lot of GARBAGE out there. A bunch of companies package junk in a pretty bottle with some clever marketing schemes in hopes that they sell a bunch of their product. The other thing about some of these supplements is that they’re all not safe. If you don’t believe me do some research of your own and see how many supplements have been taken off the market.

So when buying muscle growth supplements you have to be VERY CAREFUL when you purchase something. Do the research on the product BEFORE you purchase it. Don’t go by what some store rep tells you about the product. Most of them get a commission of the products, so your safety isn’t at the fore front of their mind.

Look around on forums and different sites about reviews about the product that you’re inquiring about. Make an educated decision and get the advice or opinion from a qualified person on the matter. Find a trainer or a gym owner or someone who specializes in the fitness field beforehand.

In my opinion there are only a handful of supplements you should take among the millions that seem to be popping up on a regular basis.

A few top muscle building supplements

The few I think that are a must have are Creatine Monohydrate, protein, a multi vitamin, fish oil, glutamine, and some other amino acids. Now there are a few other supplements that are good for progress that are safe to take. Depending on what your goals are and what your regimen is like, you may want to look into a few others. But honestly if you’re under 30 you DON’T need a test booster, don’t let the store reps lie to you about that.

Be sure to remember that SUPPLEMENTS are just that, they supplement your effort. Even with some of the top muscle building supplements you still have to put in the work. Don’t just depend on supplements to get the gains that you are looking for.

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