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How to Choose Seedbox for Your Needs?


In order to select seedboxes for your needs, you should want to go through the reviews. offers various kinds of plans which will cater the needs of different budgets. Seedhost started its operations in 2008 and its services are expanding on a constant basis. The well organized website will educate you and help you in choosing the right kind of package for your needs. You can go for either shared or dedicated seed boxes as per requirements. The company offers shared seedbox, dedicated seedbox and dedicated servers.

Features of
Seedhost offers pioneering service through which you can avail top-notch support. There will not be overselling and customers will be able to take advantage of fast network, plenty of bandwidth and custom control panel. As a matter of fact, the account will be activated at the earliest. As soon as you confirm the payment, the account will be activated in few seconds. There are various kinds of packages which are carefully designed to suit a wide range of customers. The connection speed is different which varies from 100 Mbps to 10Gbps.

If you go for Seed 1T plan, you can take advantage of 2 numbers of 1.8 GHz processors each having 4 GB RAM and 2 numbers of 500 GB drive. Unlimited traffic will be permitted through the dedicated plans. The features included with seedboxes will include 7 day money back policy, remote desktop via VNC, rtorrent with multiple plugins, HTTP access and FTP account with secure FTP and SSL layer. You can choose a seedbox plan based on the project size.

How to make the most dedicated servers?
You will get extensive support even though you had not used dedicated servers in the past. There will be secured hosting environment so that your business interests are well protected. By using a dedicated 1GigE uplink, it is possible to run servers in between 100 Mbit and 1 Gbit speeds. The amount that you will pay towards dedicated servers will be in between €26 to €88 per month.
If you go through the FAQ presented on the website, there will be better clarity about the kind of services offered by It is possible to avail reliable services as servers are located in the Netherlands. The features included in dedicated server plans are full root access, free OS reinstall, dedicated IP, month-to-month contract, free robots and lifetime hardware guarantee.

Public trackers are allowed on all seedbox plans offered by However, they can be accessed at the time of download operations only. There is no limit to download torrents from the public trackers. After finishing the torrent downloads, you should want to stop them so that no seeding will happen. Dedicated seedboxes will utilize the resources of the server to the extent of 100%. Even though these are expensive, you will have great convenience through dedicated servers.

Seed boxes are anonymous as only the seedbox IP will be reflected during the data transfer. Even though your ISP blocks access to bittorrent, seed box plans will manage the torrent through seedbox IPs. The super fast internet connection will not let you bother about the ratio. A home personal computer is not required to run all the time as seedbox will run on 24 x 7 basis. After logging into your account through the credentials provided through email, you will be able to manage seedboxes services in an efficient manner. You can order new services or view available add-ons through My Services tab. My Products & Services will list the seedbox services that you have registered with the account. You can notice the management actions and change password very easily.