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How to Choose a Wedding Color Theme

Choosing a Wedding Color Palette
Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Choosing the right color palette for your wedding should be one of the first steps in creating the perfect ambiance. Keep in mind the colors you choose will be the first visual impression guests will experience.
Asking yourself some basic questions can lead you in the right direction. Here are some questions to bear in mind.

• Where will the wedding be held? - Inside venue or outside?
• What flowers are in bloom and/or season?
• What colors will be in your backdrop for the photography?
• Will the bride be carrying flowers?
• What are the venue colors?
• What are your chosen colors – earthy, pastel, warm, cool?

Once the primary color has been chosen, you have the beginnings of creating a color palette with the assistance of a color wheel. Bear in mind, the closer the colors are to each other on the color wheel, the more harmonious they will be in your theme.

The two basic color palettes are Monochromatic and Analogous Schemes. The use of Monochromatic is tone on tone combinations using several different shades with the addition of black or white tints of a single hue for a subtle palette.

Analogous Scheme: For those looking for a bit of contrast, an analogous palette includes colors found side by side on the wheel, such as orange, yellow, and green, for a colorful but relaxing feel.

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