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How to choose a personal trainer that will help not harm

Personal Trainers are a part of your health care team.  Make sure you find the right one.
Personal Trainers are a part of your health care team. Make sure you find the right one.
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"I need a personal trainer!" - A phrase commonly expressed during the first months of a new year. When it comes to looking for a personal trainer it can be disheartening to learn how little effort goes into choosing a person to trust with your body. After all, you only have one body, therefore you need to be extremely cautious about who you grant with the responsibility of assisting you with your fitness goals.

Important things to know when choosing a personal trainer:

  1. Get a referral/recommendation from a family member or friend who has used or is still using a personal trainer. You do this for a plumber or a car dealer, why not do it for your body?
  2. Ask for credentials. Don't just take their word for it. Ask the trainer for documentation of certification and education. Accredited certifying agencies offer the ability to search for your trainer online to see if they are current in their education and dues.
  3. Trust your instincts. If the trainer continually tries to push you do so something that causes pain or to do something that you hate, don't go back. There are plenty of exercises and modifications out there to help make your workout truly personal. If they are not providing a workout that you want then you need to look for another trainer who will meet your needs and goals. Personal Training is a service that should meet your standards 100%. If you are unsatisfied with your trainer, talk with them. If they still do not change, then it is time to continue shopping.


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