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How to choose a Las Vegas veterinarian.

Pet Health Hospital
Pet Health HospitalPet Health Hospital

Although proximity to your home is probably the main consideration when choosing an animal doctor, there are some unique aspects of one Las Vegas veterinarian that may be worth considering a few extra miles of driving. Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch has created a different kind of veterinary clinic that puts the primary focus of medical care on disease prevention in pets, instead of the traditional method of only treating illness once they are occurring. Dr. Beerenstrauch opened Pet Health And Lifetime Care Center On Desert Inn after becoming frustrated with the attitudes towards pet medical care that is illustrated at most clinics, putting profits before care by specializing in treating illnesses instead of preventing them. "Veterinarians know that there are specific preventative maintenance procedures that should be administered at different points in a pet's life, variations on these times being dictated by species, breed and general state of health," Dr. Beerenstrauch stated. "By performing these preventative measures like checkups, vaccinations and dental care during specific times of a pet's life, we have evidence that we can potentially prevent and avoid more costly treatments in the future that come as a result of the pet becoming ill. Preventing the illness does not generate the kinds of profits that higher-dollar procedures like surgeries and therapies do, so most veterinarians do not concentrate on lifetime care. I have spent the last ten years creating programs for dogs and cats that are breed specific, which means we follow a program that is based on the evidence that we have gathered from years of practice on how to keep this specific type of dog or cat healthy."

Pet Health And Lifetime Care Center also provides all the traditional veterinary services that you would find at most clinics in Las Vegas, but with the additional concentration on keeping pets healthy we are seeing a novel approach to veterinary care. "There is nothing else like this in the country, and I am happy that we get to debut the concept to the Las Vegas community," Dr. Beerenstrauch stated.

Pet Health And Lifetime Care Center offers pet health advice and tips through their website, as well as information on local Las Vegas pet events, pet-friendly hotels, dog parks and lost pet postings. Appointments and tours of the clinic can be arranged by visiting the website at or by calling 702-910-4500. The clinic is located at 8520 West Desert Inn Road Suite 1, Las Vegas NV 89117.