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How to choose a bathing suit for a 34a bra size women

Choosing a Bathing Suit
Choosing a Bathing Suit

When bathing suit season approaches, many women stress over the possibility of being seen in public with more skin showing than is usual during the winter months. Of course, this also gives you the opportunity to flaunt what have, although it's a good idea to choose a bathing suit that's right for your body shape. If you're a small busted woman and wear a size 34A bra or smaller, it's especially important for you to consider the entire bathing suit so that you look your best. Here is how to choose a bathing suit that's right for you.

The first thing that you should do is to set aside enough time to shop for a bathing suit and to look at all the choices available. This is especially important for a woman who may be a little more self-conscious about her small bust size. However, there are going to be swimsuit choices available that are right for you and are actually going to look very good, even if you wear a size 34A bra. As long as you keep a few tricks in mind, you'll actually turn some heads in your direction.

The most important thing for you to consider when shopping for a bathing suit is to accentuate your good points and take the attention away from those areas that you'd rather not have noticed. One way for you to do this is to create some cleavage, even if you are a small busted woman. To accomplish this you can add padding to the swimsuit, or you can use a top that has an underwire bra, which will offer you the structure necessary to help you fake it a little bit.

Distracting the eye from an area is also an important part of looking your best when wearing a swimsuit. One way for you to distract the eye from the area is to use a color pattern that is going to be very noticeable. You can also use ruffles on the swimsuit top, which will help to give you the appearance of larger breasts and will detract from the fact that you are small busted. If you're trying to take the eye completely away from an area, avoid solid colors which tend to snag people's attention.

Finally, you can simply ignore the fact that you have a small bust size and go for something that is going to be attractive on you. If you tend to be a little bit small on top, you can go with a very small bikini top that may look rather cute on you.

Choosing a bathing suit can be stressful, but it's important to understand that there really are no set rules. You should have fun with the bathing suit you choose and look for one that's going to look the best on you, according to your own personal taste. That is going to make you happy, which will always make you look good.

The author of this article is a petite lingerie designer and part-time model. Before she became a designer she often advises her petite friends and family to purchase bras at Lula Lu because they offer a range of size a bras to aaa bras. You can connect with her over at Google+ for fashion advice or questions.

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