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How to change the look of your living room using little money

Change the look of your living room
Change the look of your living room
Photo taken by Kari

Undoubtedly, every room in the house has its importance. But the most important one is the living room, the place you welcome your guests. If you got tired of it and if you want to make a big change, it’s important for you to know that if you’re smart, a big change won’t necessarily cost you a fortune. So be smart.

Change is not always expensive

For your own comfort, but also to impress those who cross your threshold, experts came up with some advice in order to allow you to personalize this important area of the house without spending your entire savings account.

The wallpaper is the easiest way to start the change in your living room. Choose a rich print, floral, for a strong impression; look for accessories that match the color of the wall and you already get a noticeable change. Do you have a favorite color from which you can depart? For a small change, it’s sufficient to use multiple shades of the same color, including prints and plaid. It is a bold solution that creates a great visual effect! It might already be enough.

Templates, a novelty solution

Another great idea for the print on the walls is the use of templates. It’s a solution and a guarantee that the customization of your living room will be unique. Feel free to improvise, choose your favorite design than draw a line on top of the walls, to limit the sealing. In addition, bet on big and unusual accessories in order to make your living room unique.

Do not bypass vibrant colors

If you’re afraid you won’t obtain the right color, don’t indulge in the eternal white. It’s the right time to take a sand, to go nuts. Choose vibrant colors for an intense look. You could go even further, and leave the paint misaligned, keeping a raw edge. But you could go wrong if you do it all by yourself, so seek the advice of an interior decorator. The advice is cheaper than a remake. He might just give you an edge and turn your entire idea into a work of art.

The colors, as well as the furniture and the accessories, have a direct impact on the finishing. There is virtually no corner of an interior that can not be colored. If you are conservative, don’t choose vibrant colors, the result may disappoint you. If you are in a bold mood, the only problem will be limiting your creativity to two or three shades.

Be courageous

If you want an "Eco" living room, green is unquestionably the way to go. Different shades of green, from a "relaxed" nuance to the phosphorescent green and some organic shapes create a peaceful, chic atmosphere. Be bold and trust your instincts. If you feel you’re on the right track, you usually are.