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How to change a Casual Relationship to a Committed Relationship

Do you believe you have met the right man for you? Then it is time to inspire him to commit. You cannot make a man commit to you. He has to want to give you his full commitment.

Can you get him to commit?
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For him to truly be a man that will commit, he has to be relationship material and not a guy that is full of games. To find where you stand with your man, you need to get to know him better and make him feel a true connection to you.

He has to feel that you’re the one for him. That unique connection he develops with you will help him begin to feel real love for you. A committed relationship is a romantic relationship that is full of passion and fun. Good communications is a requirement, not a option.

Before you get him to commit to you, you need to know whether you really want to be with him. You have to honestly ask yourself do you want him and only him.

You cannot just see where the relationship leads. You have to inspire him to get in touch with his authentic emotions.

A real man will never subject you to ask the following questions:

Where is this relationship going?

Are you seeing other people?

How do you feel about me?

If you do ask these questions and he pretends you’re being the difficult one, stand your ground.

Don’t commit your time or energy to someone that feels mediocre about you. Don’t date him forever. It is his loss if he cannot man up and commit to you.

Let him pull away if he gives you the cold shoulder when commitment is on the table. Don’t give only when you’re getting something from him. He will resent you for it. He will also distrust you because trade offs scream mind games. No one wins with trade offs.

When you value yourself and make it clear to a man you won’t put up with mistreatment, he can feel that being single isn’t as wonderful as he thought. He will feel that he enjoys spending time with you more than time with friends or sleeping around.

When you truly love yourself, a man will know you have the ability to truly love him as well. That’s all a real man wants…he wants a good woman to love him.

You need to help him experience positive energy when he is around you.

Be your best you and he will feel it’s right to be your man. Good luck!

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