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How to celebrate Valentine's Day with someone you've never met

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V-Day is on the horizon and roses and chocolates are on the brain. The world halts for a week to enter consumer mode. Some know what they want, others know what they plan to give and the rest don’t really care unless it’s something “special.” When you’re sans significant other while emailing back and forth to those you’re interested in on dating sites, any acknowledgment of the day is appreciated.

In most cases, hopefully, no one you’ve been in contact with online has your address, so the virtual gift is acceptable and not considered lazy. Try to avoid revealing your address in hopes of a singing gorilla on your doorstep. Sending a brief message or virtual gift to reveal to this person you’re interested enough to make the effort, will go a long way.

Facebook offers an array of virtual gifts and punches you in the face with the option. If you are fettered to dating sites, however, you need to be more creative. If you just met someone online, simply wishing him or her a “Happy Valentine’s Day” will suffice. Personalizing the wish, however, will set you apart from the array of emails this person may receive.

Elaborate on something you found interesting in this person when you first wrote or responded to them. It is your ticket to maintaining a connection through the most superficial of holidays. Send a link to a favorite song by an artist on his or her profile or request a video chat for the first time. If you live in the same city and you’ve built a strong rapport with someone, meeting at a public place for the first time is perfect for the occasion. View his or her profile first, to create a special and personalized evening.

Note: some may be bitter on the holiday and loathe when it’s mentioned. Know your audience and reveal your own feelings of the day up front. No one wants to appear desperate when they’re not. Hallmark has given us a complex we can’t shake. When we’re in a relationship, we expect to feel special. When we’re not, any gesture will fill us with an eager joy, driving us to the person picking us out of the crowd to feel special. Use this to your advantage. If you don’t get that first date that night, you’ll be well on your way. 


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