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How to celebrate New Year's Eve with your children

"Noon Year's Eve" for Akron Families‏ 
New Year’s Eve celebrations are not just for adults, but usually children are often left out of those celebrations. Everyone likes to celebrate the New Year and your children are no expectation. It is not fair to them to end the year sleeping while adults get all the fun.

Parents, why not celebrate the New Year twice, once with your children and a second time while your children are safely tucked into bed? You will be a hero with your children earlier in the day and then, you come go out later in the evening and celebrate with other adults.

This year, there is a New Year’s event being held in the Akron area that will be a winner in your children. It called “Noon Year’s Eve” and is hosted by Pump it Up of Hartville. The event is family friendly and includes a countdown to noon, a sparkling juice toast, party hats, noise makers, and all the great things that make New Year’s fun in a kid-friendly environment.

The media alert information is below. Have a happy and healthy New Year and happy celebrating with your families. 

 New Year’s Eve Celebration Not Just for Adults this Year

Akron Kids Ring in the “Noon Year” at Pump It Up 


 WHAT: New Year’s Eve celebrations are typically reserved for adults only – and for good reason. So to give Stark County area youngsters the chance to join in the festivities, Pump It Up of Hartville is hosting a family-friendly “Noon Years Eve” party complete with a countdown to noon, sparkling juice toast from fancy glasses, party hats, noise makers and lots of jumping fun! Party complete with a countdown, sparkling juice toast, party hats, noise makers and lots of jumping fun!

 WHERE: Pump It Up of Hartville, Ohio
1135 W. Maple Street, OH 44632

WHEN: December 31, 2009
1 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

WHO: Local owner Melissa Duda welcomes all Stark County kids and parents to celebrate New Years Eve. Cost for each jumping child is $10

VISUALS: Stark County area kids and parents will gather at Pump It Up to celebrate the beginning of a New Year. Kids will be bouncing and jumping on the brightly-colored, two-story-high inflatable structures decked out in party hats, while ringing in the New Year with a sparkling juice toast and noisemakers.

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