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How to celebrate mom with a beautiful Mother’s Day breakfast

Treat mom to breakfast in bed
Treat mom to breakfast in bed

No reservations, no waiting in line, and no traveling to a restaurant clear across town. Make Mother’s Day a relaxing time for mom. She doesn’t even have to drag out her Sunday best outfit and pull on those stretchy, hot panty hose. She can sleep late and wake to a delicious breakfast in bed made with tender loving care by those who love her best.

Depending on the ages of mom’s brood, dad can oversee what goes on in the kitchen, or concentrate on buying some beautiful spring flowers, or one of the kids can run out in the garden and pick a beautiful bouquet. However you choose to assign tasks, everyone should be involved.

Preplanning the brunch is important because you want it to go off smoothly. First thing is for everyone to come up with a card or drawing that expresses how they feel about mom. This could be a group project, with everyone signing the final product, or each person could do their own thing. Either way, you’ll want to have written or drawn confirmation for mom that she’s loved and appreciated.

Next two things to decide on are the flowers and the tray. What are her favorite flowers and what kind of vase should you use? If you don’t have a vase, use a jar or a bottle. Then, most households at least one tray, If not, you can buy one at Target or a similar store, or you can make one. And, of course, you’ll need a paper or cloth napkin.

Finally, sit down together and discuss the menu. Pick a couple of mom’s favorite foods and maybe add something different for a sweet surprise. I have a couple of menu suggestions listed here. You can find recipes on line.

Fresh fruit cup (be sure to include mom’s favorite fruits)
*French Toast or Quiche
Bacon or Ham
Croissants or home-made muffins
Coffee (or beverage of choice)

*Neither of these items are that hard to make, so don’t be afraid to try. Dad can help with the recipe and oversee the baking (the Quiche can be baked the day before and reheated) What’s nice about these items is that you can make enough for the whole family, in case mom prefers eating in the kitchen with some company. And, if there are left overs, they can be reheated.

Suggestion for fruit cup: strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and pineapple chunks.Makes a great combination.

Younger children should be allowed to help in whatever way they can. Be sure to tell them ahead of time what their job is: For ex: 1. Gather up utensils, coffee mug and a napkin(s). 2. Pick flowers from the garden and find a vase or jar to put them in. 3. Put the Mother’s Day card or cards on the tray. 5. Put croissants or muffins on a small dish & place on tray. etc. 6. Keep the brunch a surprise.


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