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How to catch his eye and keep him Committed

Do you want to intrigue every man that crosses your path? It is possible. All you have to do is build up your self-confidence and truly love yourself…flaws and all.

Can you get him to I do?
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A good man won’t commit to a woman simply because she is physically beautiful. Many men love them [ beautiful women] and leave them , so don’t think you have to be the most beautiful woman in the room to win him over.

Don’t get me wrong. The man you are eyeing has to find you attractive to a degree, but looks are not everything. The sexiest women in the world have great personalities and social skills. There is just something absolutely attractive about feminine energy that men cannot resist.

So never sell yourself short by selling a guy sexuality in exchange for his full commitment.

Being a high value woman is not about making him wait for eternity to have sex with you. Being a high value woman is to feel passionate about living your life to the fullest, while spreading positive energy to those you come across.

A man once told me to make a man fall in love with you, you need to be soft on the outside but powerful within.

You need to become comfortable being an independent woman who is not afraid to show a man you are vulnerable and deserving of real love.

More importantly, you need to make it clear to him he is free to leave anytime he likes to pursue his happiness. Yes, that means he has the right to leave you if he feels he cannot find happiness with you in his life. This is a hard pill to swallow,but why would you want to be with a man that couldn’t dream of being happy to take you as you are?

Every woman in a happy, long-term relationship wants her man to feel like her hero and feel like a real man. You can make him feel great about you and being with you by living your own life. You should always search for ways to live a full life.

Find ways to appreciate yourself and build him up. By keeping the good vibes going between the two of you, you will gain his loyalty, support, and love.

Do not try to change him. If you feel you need to change him, he is not the man for you. To learn how to stay connected to your man, keep up with Fromgirltogirl on Instagram as well as our website.

Happy Dating!

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