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How to catch fish in southern cool front

Georgia record trout caught on Chattahoochee, Details?
Georgia record trout caught on Chattahoochee, Details?
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Anglers depend on their gear Water clarity and the sky conditions are a good way to pick out what kind of jerkbait to use. What are the shad doing this time of year? Unpredictable action is good for this time of year to entice the fishing bites and keep the fish in the zone.

Fishing jerkbaits in dingy water works A crankbait in the fall when the feeding frenzy is on will bring stellar action. Right now the cool weather will bring the fish closer to the surface and triggers all the marine life to get active. After a cold front the opposite can be true in the fall when the cold front means the temperatures have dropped. Fishing shallow at this time of the season will bring better chances of taking home some fish.

A good rain can bring on a cool front Wait for runoff to dissipate a few days after a torrential downpour. Cool summer temps are some great fishing weather for the southern angler. A hot summer days the fish retreat to caverns and holes and then chill. Using stiff spongy mono for the leader with a heavy sinker. Cover is everywhere in laydowns, condos, and vegetation shallows. Fish have to eat in the summer too. Fishing doesn't die off. The summer sun doesn't snap crackle and pop in the seventy-degree temps Atlanta is having now. If you are going out at night be prepared it’s cold compared to the ‘dog day’ temperatures.

Touring the shallows in the heat of dog days is smart Deep water can end up being depleted of oxygen on the way down and surrounding the plunge. That wave of oxygen is worth the horizontal search.

Check out the Eagle Claw Scented Hooks ICAST has the hooks-with-history introduces hooks with scent. The scent will stay on the hook better than a piece of corn would. How does the scent stay on the hook, the same way it stays on a lure. Right now is a good time to break out the fishing scent because it lasts longer in the cooler water temps and keeps the fish closer to the strike zone.

The trout are giggling under the water at these temps Keeping the fly in good water is not an issue. On the ‘Hooch’ a twenty-pound and thirteen ounce trout was caught and is the new Georgia DNR record. The previous record was also caught on the Chattahoochee but weighed in at eighteen pounds.

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