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How to care for and protect your child with special needs

Protect the future of your special needs child with a properly drawn up special needs trust

Ensuring the best care for your child with special needs can be difficult if proper planning and arrangements are not made. A Special Needs Trust allows families to protect and care for their children with special needs, even after parents or guardians have passed away or are incapacitated. I recently shared 5 costly mistakes that families commonly make when planning for their child with special needs. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

Do Not Procrastinate
The care of your child with special needs is important now and in the future. Because you do not know when you will no longer be able to care for your child, it is important to create a Special Needs Trust as soon as possible. While your children without special needs can care for themselves after your death or incapacitation, your child with special needs requires continued assistance and care. A lack of planning and preparation may leave your child without the care and support he or she needs.

Specialize the Trust
The type of trust you select will determine the benefits your child will receive. When developing a trust for your child with special needs, it is important that you create a Special Needs Trust. This type of trust is designed to give your child the specialized care and attention he or she needs and protect their eligibility for public benefits. If you do not create a Special Needs Trust, your child may not receive all the benefits he/she is entitled to.

Protect Your Child With Special Needs
Children with special needs require care and protection against predators who might take advantage of their vulnerable state. Predators target beneficiaries that are young or incapable of protecting themselves. Creating a Special Needs Trust using a revocable living trust, rather than a will, protects your child's information from predators. An inheritance that is funded through a will is in the public record and available to those who might take advantage of your child's inheritance.

Being proactive and creating a Special Needs Trusts will ensure your child's care and protest their eligibility for the public benefits to which they are entitled.

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