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How To Capture Your Website Visitors

Did you know that your website, salesletter or article has a very short 10 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention before your chance of making a sale self-destructs and your first-time visitors leave your site, article etc.?

You must ensure that those critical 10 seconds count by ensuring that the first fold of your website (the first screen of your website that is visible without scrolling) snags the attention of your visitors and persuades them to stay for a few minutes longer to find out what you are offering. This is a most crucial point in web design. Get this right you will soon starting making money online.

Most people will think that this concept sounds simple enough. Unfortunately most website owners and authors make fatal mistakes that drive visitors away and limit the sales potential of their sites and articles. In the process of trying to tell it all, sell it all, they just end up confusing them all. Another reason could also be that webmasters and authors assume too much that their website or article will sell the offer itself and that is why they are not concerned and therefore test the response conversion rate of the web page.

Think about all the previous times when you have clicked out of a site. Were you:

* overwhelmed by the graphics?
* pointed in 14 different directions.
* annoyed and confused by flashy banners?
* getting impatient when the site took too long to load up?
* driven away because a lack of relevant information?

So what can YOU do to ensure that your own website does not suffer from the same scenarios?

Start The Biggest Benefit With Your Headline

Ask any professional copywriter, and they will tell you that your headline can make or break your success in making money online. Unfortunately this is an element that is overlooked by most online marketers and authors.

The very first thing that should draw your visitors’ eyes when they arrive at your site is a clear bold headline stating what the biggest benefits your site has to offer.

Graphics, illustrations, menus and links should only enhance your site or article and do distract you from the main point.

The headline should be located at the very top, center of the page in a larger font size from the rest of the writing, to naturally attract attention. You headline should communicate information about what you offer, whereby a few good ideas will be about:

* Making your visitors live easier.
* Saving them money.
* Saving them time.
* Entertaining them.
* Helping them too feel better.

Your headline must be effective such that visitors must be able to absorb all the benefits of your product or service in a glance.

Not only must you write a killer headline, it must also be strategically formatted, by using bolding, italics and underlining to emphasize the key points.

Capture Visitors’ Names And E-Mail Addresses

The second most important element that should appear within the first fold your website is an opt-in e-mail form that offers visitors a compelling reason to become a subscriber. In your article this will be in your resource box.

It normally takes a visitor a few visits to your site before they buy anything, so it is crucial that you capture their name and e-mail addresses before they leave.

Now days having an opt-in form with text like “Subscribe Now” of “Free News Letter” is not sufficient. E-mail is no longer a novelty for most of us and there are millions of sites all pushing their “free newsletter”. So it is extremely important that you give your visitors a compelling and valid reason for them to hand over their details to you.

Avoid These Common Design Errors

Avoid links and banners that drive traffic away from your offer. While there are situations that warrant placing a banner at the top of your home page, e.g. when you are promoting an affiliate product or selling advertising space, be careful that you are not driving traffic to your competitor.

Avoid Distracting Graphics And Animation

If visitors spend the first 10 seconds waiting for large graphics to download, you bet they will not be hanging around. Keep in mind that words sell not graphics.

Avoid Sharing Ordering Information Too Soon

Ensure that there is no mention of ordering or buying until you have established the value of your offer. First establish your credibility and explain how your product or service will benefit the visitor before asking for the order.

In Summary

The first fold is your most valuable real estate on your business website, salesletter or article, and it is where your new visitors make their 10-second decision to stay or go, so use this space wisely.

* Communicate the biggest benefit
* Persuade your visitors to opt-in to your mailing list
* Make sure your site is a breeze to navigate

Not only will you increase the average length of your visitor’s stay, you will also see a dramatic increase in overall sales too.

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