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How to calm the storm: Simple ways to calm and stop coughing

Coughing is a reflex mechanism our bodies use to expel air from the lungs in a forced manner. This symptom helps remove foreign particles, congestion and irritants from the lungs and the throat. This natural response from our bodies clears the respiratory system making breathing and swallowing easier.

Tips to soothe, calm and stop the cough!
Healthy Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

There are many things indoors and outdoors that can cause a person to cough. The flu, colds, allergies and some medications induce this reflex. At times foods or drinks can also make a person begin to cough. Powdered makeup, scented candles, smoking and numerous other things can make coughing uncomfortable at time.

A simple cough isn’t that bad. It may seems like it winds you but normally it last a few seconds and you are back to feeling like yourself again. Other times a cough can be overpowering and feel like it will never end. That is when you want to look to alternative methods to calm the storm the coughing brings on.

Severe coughing for long periods of time will irritate your throat and make it feel like you are having chest pains from the constant action of forcing air from your lungs. There are some easy, natural and over the counter ways to relieve those symptoms and remedy that annoying cough.

Try these tips to soothe, calm and stop the cough:

  • A spoon full of honey is a sweet way to soothe and coat the throat. Once coated the coughing should subside giving you some time to catch your breath.
  • A hot shower is a great way to relieve congestion, bring moisture to the nasal passages and loosen the mucus in your lungs. The hot steamy water will also alleviate allergens and pollen to those suffering from allergies.
  • A trick that you may already have heard from your Mother is when you are having a coughing fit raise both of your arms at the same time high in the air. It is a simple action that seems to expand the capacity in your lungs making it easier to breathe and putting the coughing on a back burner for a few moments.
  • Hot tea with lemon is also another great little remedy for soothing the throat and calming the cough. The heat calms the want to convulse into a coughing fit while the honey and lemon coat the throat calming the burning feeling non-stop coughing can cause.
  • Another old-time remedy is Vicks VapoRub. This ointment is a topical analgesic and cough suppressant all in one. Just rub a little on your chest and breathe slowly and easier as the vapors are inhaled. This cold relief product has been around for ages and acts as a nasal catarrh, eases sore throats, helps with congestion and coughs that attack due to colds.

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