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How to buy the perfect pair of shoes

How the perfect pair of shoes

So, you've decided that the shoes that you already own just aren't enough. And I don't blame you – there are so many beautiful pairs being released by designers and stores up and down the country, and they are certainly very difficult to resist. So here are the four steps to buying that perfect pair of shoes:

1. Go through your shoes, and be brutal.
Yes, you need new shoes. But that does not necessarily mean that you can keep all of your old ones! Studies have shown that there are, on average, five pairs of shoes that we own that we never wear, or have worn out completely but never thrown away. If you're going to buy new shoes, you first need to make room. You'll have to be brutal to yourself: if you haven't worn them in the last year, you're not going to. Take them to a charity shop, bin them, pass them to a friend – just get them out of your closet!

2. Decide on your budget, and stick to it.
There is nothing more difficult than finding the fabulous pair of shoes that you've always wanted...and finding that they are twice what you are happy to spend. Unless you are strong before you even leave your house, and decide on a fair budget that you can actually afford, then you will be in great danger of buying them. But don't.

3. Take everything you need with you, and a friend.
If you're buying boots, take socks, if you're buying heels, make sure that your feet are fully prepped to be seen in public! There is nothing more embarrassing than having to ask the shop assistant to borrow some socks, and being handed filthy ones. Your friend is vital to give you an honest opinion. You will have a completely different viewing angle, and so you'll need someone who can tell you whether they actually look good.

4. Check yourself out in the mirror, and buy two pairs.
You've found them, you love them: amazing! Now buy two pairs. What, I hear you ask! You just told me to stick to your budget. Yes, but more often than not, when you find that perfect pair of shoes, you'll wear them out within a year. They'll be hideously difficult to find again, and you'll always regret not buying too. So save yourself the heartache, and invest in them now.

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