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How to buy the perfect area rug

The perfect area rug!
The perfect area rug!
HOM World Rugs
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Shopping for the perfect area rug can be a difficult task. There are many variables to consider. You’ll want to find the right style, size, and color combination to make your room shine. In addition to those elements, it is also helpful to have a basic understanding of the differences in quality and why some can cost $200 while others cost $2000.

For an in depth perspective, I asked Joey Henzlik, an Area Rug Specialist at HOM World Rugs in Plymouth, MN to give us “Area Rugs 101”.

“Hand knotted (HK) rugs are the top level of quality. They are made from wool, and each knot is tied individually, one by one. Wool is considered to be the best fiber because it is resilient and it has a natural protective coating of lanolin to guard against staining. Hand knotted rugs shed the least of the wool rugs. They usually last a lifetime and they are often handed down from generation to generation. They are also more expensive, but yet worth the investment.

Machine woven wool rugs are the second level of quality. The same wool fiber is used as in hand tied rugs, but it is cross woven in a factory for durability. These differ from HK rugs in that they’re less expensive to make, but they are still considered a high quality rug and the shedding is minimal.

Hand tufted wool rugs are the third level of quality. They are made by hand with a continuous loop and they are glued to a canvas backing. The biggest difference between tufted, HK, and machine woven rugs is that tufted rugs shed the most. The shedding is a result of pieces of wool not taking to the latex glue. Hand tufted rugs are usually more expensive than machine woven made rugs.

Lastly, polypropylene rugs, constructed of a synthetic fiber, are mass-produced in factories. The polypropylene fiber isn’t as durable as wool. They are attractive to many people because they are inexpensive, do not shed, and have patterns available similar to the more expensive rugs.”

Still have questions? Visit a local showroom with a professional area rug specialist on staff that can assist you with finding the perfect area rug for your home.


  • Terry Nichols 5 years ago

    Great insight. I've always purchased only on colors that would fit into my room. Thanks!

  • Scott Downs 5 years ago

    Nicely packaged info. I didn't realize they used a latex adhesive in the hand tufted wool rug. This is really helpful for people with allergies/sensitivities. At least I will feel like I know what I am looking for when I'm eying up the myriad of rugs hanging in some of these stores.

  • Profile picture of farnkirotre
    farnkirotre 2 years ago

    “Hand knotted (HK) rugs are the top level of quality. and read this article