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How to burn fat like Ussain Bolt: Fast


Take a look at all top level sprinters?  Go ahead feast yours eyes upon any elite sprinter you can find.  Here is a few for your inspection.

Usain Bolt - Fastest human being to ever live, do you see a speck of fat on him?

Tyson Gay - Bolt's main competition. Fat? Don't think so.

It's no different for females.

  Sanya Richards - Top female sprinter

Sprinters of either gender have very little fat.  Take notice of this, this is because of the type of training they do. 

Sprinting is an all out effort for a short period of time.  This forces your muscles to work at maximum capacity, requires massive amounts of energy, not to mention EPOC.  Without going into a scientific thesis, if you do sprint  work you will burn large amounts of fat and increase muscle tone.

If you already know how to run and have good mechanics then get on a sprinting program ASAP.  If you don't know how to run correctly then get a running coach to teach you running mechanics, then get on a sprint program to shred massive amounts of fat fast. 

Once you have your running technique down start out with this sprint program from T-Nation.  You will burn fat and get toned fast.

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