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How to build e-marketing lists

Ryan / Mix Images
Ryan / Mix Images
How to Build e-Marketing Lists

Email marketing is a highly effective tool for increasing your influence outside of your website. It is also a key tool used most frequently to increase sales. Not having or not efficiently using a marketing list is a wasted opportunity.

You can of course buy a marketing list through a “dedicated” company that offers such services how while these appear mostly legal there are ethical points to consider. Building your own marketing list is the best way to reach out to contact those who want to hear from you and are likely to choose your product or service.

Building e-marketing lists may take time for social media experts and marketers however they are definitely worth the effort in terms of increased website traffic and sales.

When looking to build an effective e-marketing list consider:

1. Add an Opt-In Form
This is the best way to encourage people to sign up for your emails or newsletters. Ensure this is placed in an easy to see place so that website visitors don’t miss it. The homepage is the natural place to add your form.

*A little known fact. Many people look at a webpage the same way, looking first at the center of the page, then the top right hand corner and then moving on. Contact details and email opt-in forms should be placed where possible in the top right corner.
Make opting it easy with as few fields as possible and place the form on multiple pages including at checkout as appropriate.

2. Use a Pop-Up Form

There is some debate regarding how effective a pop-up is given that many claim they they are annoying or off-putting. That said, there are a number of popular and high-traffic sites that use them so it may be worth considering this type of form. Do keep an eye on your site statics before and after installing the form though as this will alert you to whether a pop-up does negatively affect your bounce rate.

3. Run an Online Giveaway or Similar

People like freebies and are more likely to sign up in some situations if they feel they are getting something extra for doing so. Depending on your niche perhaps a free e-book, an entry into a giveaway or similar would make effective incentives. Make sure that visitors know that they are opt-ING in when entering any competitions or giveaways.

4. Encourage Sharing

Make it easy for existing subscribers to tell their contacts about your website and email updates by adding share buttons and forms. When someone takes the time to tell a colleague or contact about a website or service this in effect works as a recommendation.

5. Use Your Social Stream

Social media success for professionals is something that requires time to build up. If your business already has a thriving social media presence then tap into this in order to offer additional opportunities or offers for followers via your marketing list.

6. Don’t Spam!

Building an email marketing list is an on-going process. Having accrued a number of emails that you are happy with you will find that on average that you will lose approximately a quarter of these each year as people unsubscribe or change email addresses. Encourage people to keep receiving and update their information as required by ensuring that emails are relevant, not sent too often and are useful in some way.

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