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How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

 The Book

 How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

By Janice Byer and Elayne Whitfied- Parr


Virtual Assistants are new to the business world. One of the professions made possible by the web, they are a growing segment of resources for the small and solo business owner. This book gives anyone who thinks they want to be a virtual assistant, the opportunity to get the basics down.  The section on ‘How to Know if you are Cut out to be a VA” is one of the most important sections for anyone to read. This book gives you the good and the bad to think about. One thing they left out is do you like people? Having personally gone through the process of hiring a VA (I have a great one now, if you want her number, contact me) I learned that many of the VA’s did not appear to like people, much less want to serve them. I think they should have added that in. They cover what you need, business plans and how specialty industries require specialty services. This is a great section; it really helps a new VA get on track with their different clients.

I am a little surprised that they list a typewriter and a rolodex as things you need. I wonder if anyone under 30 even knows what a rolodex is. There are some tips about working from home and working the VA business part time.  It’s important to learn balance and how to get it all done. They list organizations you can join and where to get ongoing education. While they do not specifically note a successful business revenue model to use, if you take a cue from this book, there is a lot of money in the education of VA’s.  After all, you can only work so many hours a day.


This book is a California 8!

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