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How to build a content calendar

How to Build a Content Calendar
How to Build a Content Calendar
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Social media success for professionals depends on the level of interaction that they enjoy with their own target audience. Good quality content is important for two reasons.

Firstly, Google gives great preference over top quality content when ranking websites so that those who have clearly put the effort in will in essence become more visible on the World Wide Web. Secondly, and no less importantly interesting, informative and attention-grabbing content that encourages interaction and “sharing” is going to increase your brand awareness and generate new customers.

What Goes into a Content Calendar

Content does not necessarily always refer to blog posts and articles. While these are the backbone of any marketing campaign social media updates in the social stream which come in the form of tweets, status updates and shared visual information is equally important for those wanting to get ahead in the social media marketing world to encourage new visitors to their website and use their services.

Social advisers are encouraging their clients to not only concentrate on again, written information. Video content, audio content and pictorial or photographic based information serves to break up the social media account and keep the interest of the potential customer while still sharing an important message.

What is a Content Calendar

The content calendar is the plan if you will which ensures that your social stream continues to run regularly and that you don’t miss any social media marketing opportunities. Basically, a content calendar is a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even an annual plan which charts and plans for the myriad of tweets, updates and other marketing efforts that are to be undertaken. Having this organized content calendar in place is a great motivator and ensures that the social marketing plan does not get lost in every day work and that all relevant information and articles are shared as appropriate.

How to Build a Content Calendar

Whether you prefer a digital calendar or some other format the key is to be flexible in your approach yet firm in your knowledge of what you want to share with prospective clients. Scheduling in tweets, updates, blog posts and similar social media activities is key to the success of the exercise.

Ensure that you share a variety of information and content types, take into account seasonal factors such as key days in the calendar for social events or holidays, historical days and similar as linking your content to these topical dates has been proven to aid interaction. It is important to arrange meetings or time for yourself to regularly review your content calendar, adapt it to suit your business’ changing needs and to incorporate any changes in the social media world.

Social advisers will information you that having a content calendar in place will increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign and will in turn result in more successful leads coming from your social media accounts and websites. Taking the time to plan your content ahead of time in this manner will ensure that your social media efforts remain on track and are most effective.