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How to break your sugar addiction

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Do you find yourself giving into your sugar cravings more often than not? Do you feel tired and sluggish throughout the day? Do you feel the need to make some necessary changes in your daily diet? Here is some expert information into why we crave sugar and how you can break your sugar addiction.

Why do we crave sugar?

"The taste of sugar releases endorphins that calm and relax us, and offer a natural "high", says Susan Moores, Ms,RD a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant in St. Paul, Minn. The problem is when we take our cravings too far, and over indulge causing obesity and health problems. The more sugar we consume, the more frequent our cravings become.

Sugar related health risks

In a report published in the journal Nature, they contend that sugar is contributing to 35 million deaths worldwide each year due to obesity and diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In addition, sugar has been linked increased blood pressure and weight gain.

Helpful ways to break your addiction

Find a substitute

Whenever you experience a craving, substitute it with something else to keep your mind less focused on that craving. For instance, take a walk or listen to an upbeat song.

Eat fruit

Low calorie fruits such as strawberries and pears contain a small amount of sugar, and may just be all you need to fight that craving.

Try a sugar detox

Quitting cold turkey may be difficult, but usually only for the first 72 hours. Once your body gets use to not having sugar, it will crave it less over time.

Stay active

Studies have shown that an active lifestyle is linked to better food choices in indivduals, which may help to cut out some sugar in your diet.

Choose smaller portions

Spilt that cupcake in half! There are times your cravings may get the best of you, and it is certainly ok to give into some sweet savor, in moderation.

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