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How to break up with a girl: Effective tips for guys

How  break up with a woman
How break up with a woman

Sometimes break ups are necessary. People, priorities and circumstances change. When this happens, the relationship may end too. However, it can be quite hard to break up with someone especially if they really love you. On the other hand, the situation might be very stressing emotionally and physically as you wonder exactly how to break up with her. Moreover, the relationship becomes worse as you stay longer. Therefore, when your relationship runs its course you need to end it effectively and cleanly in order to maintain dignity and respect.

Here are some effective ways on how to break up with a girl:

1. Discuss the relationship with her

Throw out a few leading questions as you drop hints that everything is not right and the relationship has not been satisfactory. This is very effective in preparing her for the break up. Remember it is never easy if you do not know how to break up with a woman.

2. Be honest

Get real and raw because it is not fair for either of you to stay in a relationship where one or both of you are not satisfied. Sitting down with her to tell her exactly what you have on your mind is by far the best thing you can do. Complete honesty is the best policy in this case. Her feelings will be hurt and you might be hurt too in order to be free. However, being completely honest will give her an easier time coping with the break up. She will probably ask why you are ending the relationship and you must be ready to give her a precise but kind answer. Don’t hedge, blame or argue, go straight to the point. It is vital not to lose your resolve in the process since this might complicate the whole thing. However, don’t be sucked into the emotional stress of breaking up.

3. Do it in person and let her be the first to know

Whatever the reason for your break up, let her hear it from you first. Most importantly, do this in person. Don’t send a text message, email or call her to break up. This might make you look disrespectful and evasive. This will give you an opportunity to share your view with her if she is willing to listen. If you have to end the relationship, do it in person. Moreover, doing it decently in privacy will cause less drama.

4. Find a quiet and private place

Be very considerate of her emotions and feelings by finding a neutral place for the break up. Don’t use places where she will be living the memory regularly. Don’t do it in her house or in public places.

5. Proper timing

There is no perfect time to break up, however, try to avoid big occasions such as her birthday, valentines, your anniversary or Christmas. Be considerate of major things that are happening in her life such as upcoming exam, death or sickness in her family or even a promotional interview.

6. Be prepared for some drama

Since women are quite emotional, you need to be prepared for some drama. You expect a wide range of reactions such as anger, lack of emotion, tears, or even happiness. Therefore, it is vital to be prepared to handle her reaction.

7. End it with finality

When you are certain that you want to break up, make it very clear to her without being harsh. Let her know that you don’t want to carry on with the relationship because giving her false hope will only create a painful complicated relationship. Don’t be swayed. Let her know that the decision is final and hold your ground.

8. Let it be short

Don’t go too deep into details about why you are breaking up because this might cause emotional scars or open old wounds. However, it is important to be empathetic and sincere when ending the relationship.

9. Stay away

Give her some time to get over it and heal in order to move on. This will help reduce the pain of break up and also avoid memories of the event.

You cannot go through break up without causing pain. Therefore, you will be faced with various emotions and it is human nature to comfort people when they feel disappointed, upset or in pain. These tips should help you learn how to break up smoothly and remain polite. You have to remember there are reasons why your relationship has ended. Therefore, you have to remain resolute and strong in your decision to end the relationship. It's never easy if you aren't sure on how to break up with someone, but the steps in this article should point you in the right direction.

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