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How to boost your health with colon hydrotherapy

Open system equipment used to perform colon hydrotherapy
Open system equipment used to perform colon hydrotherapy

Call it what you wish; the colonic, colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy is known to many as the latest answer to all your health concerns. Detoxing and juice cleanses have become a huge trend recently, but colon hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years to maintain the body's overall health.

Two colon hydrotherapists in Studio City share everything you need to know about colonics and the importance of keeping up a healthy digestive system.

Diana Smith, owner of Complete Trinity on Vineland Avenue, says everything we encounter has toxins, including our air, water, food, clothes and especially, medications. These toxins seep through our skin, or we ingest them, causing our bodies to build up impurities. Smith believes that colon hydrotherapy brings not only physical release of these toxins, but mental and spiritual release as well.

“It is not uncommon for people to start crying during a session, due pent-up trauma or stress,” she said. “A person with a strict childhood, issues with potty training, or issues with shame over bowel movements should incorporate colonics into their regular therapies for mental clarity.”

There are two types of colonic irrigation systems: open and closed. Smith uses an open system, which allows the patient to lie flat on her back while a pencil-sized tube is inserted into the rectum. As water enters the colon, it loosens the fecal matter, allowing it to be eliminated into, what Smith refers to as, an “over-sized toilet.”

Annabel Cordova, owner of Healing Waters Institute on Laurel Canyon Drive, also uses an open system and swears by its benefits, even saying it offers a sense of freedom.

“When you’ve got a tube up your ass, you’re pretty present, you’re not thinking about bills or traffic, etcetera,” Cordova said. “Colon hydrotherapy is a tool we use on a journey to self-healing.” And, in addition to getting regular colonics, she prescribes a daily dose of gratitude for overall health.

Her prescription may sound cheesy, but is scientifically proven. According to Michael Gershon, M.D., author of “The Second Brain”, our stomachs have neurotransmitters similar to the brain. Our gut is an independent network of over 100 billion neurons that can signal our body about stress and account for 80% of all illness.

“When you have feelings of self-loathing or bitterness, your stomach feels it too and creates measurable amounts of energy. Wake up and immediately feel excited about life, it will start a chain of positive effects throughout your day,” Cordova advised.

She also stresses that, for optimal health, you should eat a balanced diet, chew your food completely, drink hot water with lemon, get a daily intake of probiotics, and take digestive enzymes with every meal. Most of all, she says, a healthy life is all about self-love.

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