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How to bond with your German Shepherd puppy

You found a German Shepherd puppy and you want this puppy to only be attached to you, however you live in a house with several others, what can you do? Whether you live with a spouse, children, parents or roommates try to work out a situation where only you will be alone with the pup through his first night with you.

The most important time in the bonding process is from the introduction between you and the pup to the next day. There are state laws regarding selling puppies at a certain age, also there are some breeders who will only sell after a certain age. This is brought to attention because the younger the pup the quicker the bonding. However, the bonding steps outlined below will work at any age.

  • Have a driver so you only can hold the pup on the way home; a blanket is helpful or in your jacket. Hold pup close, talk soothingly all the way. Some pups have never ridden in a car so this can be a scary event for him.
  • Spend the rest of the day and overnight alone with pup. Send spouse with kids to Grandma's house overnight or camping.
  • Spend as much of this time as you can holding, cuddling and playing with pup.
  • The first night is scary and stressful for pup, cuddle with him at bedtime and put him by your bed. You alone will be there to comfort him through the night.
  • Always feed your pup yourself. However you choose to feed him let him be able to see your face. Eating and feeding promotes bonding.
  • Only you train pup. Let no one else tell your dog commands like sit, come, stay, shake etc. until you have fully trained him.
  • Only you provide treats to pup.
  • Take pup with you wherever you go if possible, or as much as you are able.

They say, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." I say, "The way to a dog's heart is with bacon." Any dog at any age will love you for your bacon. This is being said to those who do not oppose bacon being given to dogs. If you oppose, your American rights allow this just as my American rights allow me to give bacon as treats. (Please do not slander me in the comments. Also refer to another article I wrote regarding the Raw Food Diet.)

These steps are a good start to the bonding process which instills into the pup that you and you alone are his. Believe it or not but dogs do know how you feel about them. They know whether you are 'soulmates' from the start or the love will have to grow between you two. It is amazing. I have had both of these situations with a GS pup and the steps I took above helped with the bonding. If you use these steps you will discover that your pup will grow into an adult that will love and protect you and yours. You will know that you are succeeding when you are sitting on the couch watching TV and you look down and see your pup has chosen to lay himself at your feet.

Many thanks to my Muse, good luck Lexi!!

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