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How to body surf, boogie board, and surf

Body surfing is the act of using catching waves using nothing but one’s own body. In Corpus Christi’s mellow waters, this is often a lot easier than actual surfing. Plus, one need not be Michael Phelps in order to body surf one-foot swells in the Gulf of Mexico; body surfing here is pretty safe for anyone old enough to swim. Here’s how to catch the ideal wave.

1. Paddle out to where the waves are breaking. This is the best area to catch a newly-formed wave.

2. Turn so your back is facing the ocean. You can turn your head so you can see the waves forming behind you, but remain ready to swim forward at any instant.

3. Once you see a wave about to break near you, begin swimming forward. If the wave has already broken or it’s just a swell, it won’t carry you forward very far. If you catch a wave at the right time, you’ll feel it pulling you towards land.

4. Swim as fast as you can to keep up with the wave.

Once you get the hang of it, body surfing is exhilarating and a great way to burn calories. For an even faster ride, the same steps can be taken to ride a boogie board.

If you want to surf on a surfboard, all you have to do is paddle out with your board to the same area – where the waves are breaking. Lay on top of your board, belly-down and facing land, and turn your head to look behind you. If you are a beginner, this board should be a long board, and don’t forget to cover it with surf wax before you head out. Paddle forward when you see a breaking wave, and once you’re riding the wave and you feel it pushing you, push quickly with your arms so you are standing up with one foot facing forward. This should be one fluid motion and is called popping up. Once the ride is over, you can just fall off the board and do it again!


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