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How to begin in 2010...

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      How will you make your new year better in 2010? Many of us start the new year off with a new found passion for life, many of us make goals and plans to better ourselves, many of us make huge decisions about what we want for ourselves and so on, but by the end of the year hardly any of us have stuck to one plan or decision about what we planned to do at the start of the year. How will you make this year different from all the rest?
      I do now know what your goals may be for the New Year but I do know that starting with your spiritual life may be a great way to start the New Year off. So many of us plan to do so many things within the first few months of the year, but how many of us plan to better our relationship with God, with our inner self, or just in our spiritual lives period? I believe that a growing and continual spiritual relationship is the basis for any kind of success. So before you make plans for this year reevaluate yourself and see what is missing from your life and if one of the major aspects is a spiritual relationship you may want to make plans surrounding how you can better it for greater personal success. Try it….