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How to become more confident – A journey inward

Confidence is Key
Confidence is Key

Life is a series of puzzles and riddles. Certain pieces and solutions just fall in place while certain others need to be found and put in place. Creating a complete and beautiful picture needs all of those pieces and clues and the first of them is confidence. Some individuals are just blessed with amazing confidence. From knowing what they want to knowing what to do to get what they want, they seem to have all the answers indeed. For the majority of us though, finding that level of confidence and self-assurance to ride through life’s innumerable challenges is never a breeze.

We all fear to begin, to start, to take risks. The key to a successful life lies in the courage to begin and this courage stems from confidence. To attain and sustain familial, social or professional and career victories, you need a good deal of confidence. Though you tell yourself that circumstances and environment constantly elevate or diminish confidence levels, getting there is not a rocket science; after all confidence is a state of mind. You can choose to be confident and work on it or sit back and watch your life pass you by.

Fortunately, there are quite a number of simple and workable techniques to boost your confidence levels, here is how you can start and build this fort brick by brick.

Look within you for the innate confidence

Nobody is born with a guidebook or manual on how to lead a life. We work on instincts and learn though experience. Every single individual is intrinsically gifted with confidence. Somehow most of us lose that initial dose along the way to fear and doubt. As clichéd as it sounds, look within you first to draw on that original confidence and work to strengthen it.


To build confidence, it is essential to know the difference between what exactly you are great at and what you only think you are great at. Desires and wants are certainly necessary and are inevitable too but you need to build them on your strengths. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses to come to a reasonable conclusion on what you need to work on to reach your goals. Pick your best talents, list them out and match them with your passions to know which areas need work.

Acknowledge mistakes and insecurities

Mistakes and blunders are the hallmark of people who dare to try. The key lies in accepting those mistakes and transforming them into an important chapter in your life, something that you peruse in your journey to perfection. Acknowledge the fact that every one of us is vulnerable to gaffes and insecurities. These are trampolines that help you reach the height you need.

Be conscious of your individuality

You are born to live your life, then why do you look to live another’s? Every individual in this world is different from another. Even when born under similar circumstances or living under similar conditions, our physical and mental capabilities vary to a large extent. It is vital to accept and acknowledge this fact to avoid judging your life against that of another. The best way is to sit back and work on enriching your assets rather than working to gain something another person has. You can follow the footprints of another but be sure to leave your own.

Never fear to take risks, never fear what you can’t control

It is impractical and insensible to fear something that you have no control over or you know nothing about. This kind of fear not only prevents you from taking calculated risks but also holds you back from the success you so crave. Be it personal or professional factors, fear of losing something will actually lead you to lose something you already have.

Welcome appreciation

There is nothing wrong in acknowledging that you are good at something! Most of us take criticism to heart but fail to welcome appreciation. Accepting commendation from people known or unknown will certainly bolster your confidence level to a large extent by enhancing your sense of worth.

Hold on to your beliefs

Beliefs are personal to an individual. Beliefs are built on experiences, characters and virtues. It is necessary to hold on to your beliefs and answer to your conscience rather than strive to be someone else and feel miserable for going against your codes.

Be grateful

When you know you have something, be grateful for it. Despair and depression stems from the thought that you lack something in life. You cannot have everything that you crave for all the time but for the ones you do have, you need to appreciate their presence as it also increases your self-worth. Bolstering and valuing relationships, acknowledging the present as a gift and working to build new talents will help fortify your confidence levels. Believing that you can achieve something is at the core of actually achieving it and it is you who has to undertake this quest to uncover the treasure of confidence. The path you need to take is within you.

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