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How to become an Image Consultant

Image Consultation with My Image Expert

Reality television shows that include beauty and fashion makeovers have created an immediate interest for the hottest and newest job in town. Thanks to shows such as: How To Look Good Naked, What Not to Wear and Say Yes to the Dress, image consultants (or fashion consultants) are considered to have one of the most sought after professions in this day of age. Image consultants are hired to help individuals improve their appearance through personal style, professional style, grooming aids, etiquette, and communication. An image consultant teaches individuals how to manage their clothing and grooming aids as a resource tool to improve your personal appearance. Although the term “image consultant” is a new concept, there is nothing new about people wanting to look and feel their absolute best. The world is full of prejudice and everyone has been judged by their appearance at time or another. Image consultants have the ability to control the impact of your appearance and the response it generates from other people. Through the use of workshops, seminars and one-one consultations, an image consultant will see to it that you make lasting impression through a powerful, authentic and appropriate presence.

While the concept may seem simple for anyone interested in becoming an image consultant, it isn’t. It doesn’t help that many televisions shows make this job look easy and fun. If you decide that you want to become an image consultant, it requires extensive training and experience just like any other profession. Having a love for clothing or the ability to dress your friends is not enough experience. Yes, I have received resumes from individuals who believe that they are qualified to be an Image Consultant because they love to shop and pick out outfits. This would be like telling a bank on Wall Street to hire you as a trader because you love spending money. So, to clarify the requirement s for the hottest job in town here’s what you need to do to start stepping in the right direction. A professional fashion consultant or image consultant should have a college degree in a fashion related field. These areas of interest may include: fashion design, textile design, fashion merchandising, fabric styling and fashion styling. Studies in a related field will provide you the basic fashion fundamentals like fabric, drape, color, garment construction, and color. These programs will also allow you to move around in the fashion industry and experience different roles and careers. These programs teach you about:

  • pattern making
  • textiles
  • designers and design history
  • brand awareness
  • garment construction
  • garment care
  • fabric weight and quality
  • fabric styling
  • merchandising
  • color theory
  • shaping & silhouette
  • draping

These particular tools enable an image consultant understand every individual characteristic of a garment and how it would apply to an individual. It allows them to provide effective clothing solutions, styling solutions, recommendations and advice. Fashion is an art of illusion; an image or fashion consultant should know how to emphasize certain features and down play the others. Being an expert not only means you are qualified and educated but says you have extensive experience and success. These tools are the fundamentals that make up the fashion and style section of an image consulting career. But wait -there’s more…

An image consultant needs to be an expert in both social and business etiquette. In order to provide this type of consulting, they have participating in workshops, private studies, social retreats, and real –life situations that enable them to provide such advice. These workshops provide a full understanding of self-management, social protocol, social behavior, and business etiquette. In turn, being affluent with the teachings of socialism, an image consultant is has the capability and to provide individuals with the following: Interviewing skills, public speaking, positive body language, proper business etiquette, and social graces such as table manners.

If you think you still want the hottest career in town, then you should follow these steps to get going in the right direction. Once established, contact an image consulting or fashion consulting company to see if they accept interns.


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