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How to become a productive person through taking breaks

You want to slow down and take breaks throughout the day. Your body and mind are like a machine, they cannot run on forever. For example, if you keep using a machine for a long period of time, it will get hot, and soon it will shut down. If you force your body and mind to work without stopping and resting, then they will not become productive.

You have to remember to remind yourself to slow down and take breaks to help your body and mind recover. When your brain is busy working on a task, it will not have the mental energy to tell you that you are tiered and needed to be stopped and rest. And that is why sometimes you could work through the whole day without feeling tiered, but actually you are. However, when you over worked, and the moment you stop and rest, you will pass out and that is not a good thing for your body and mind. Everything in life, including human beings, you have to slow down first before you can come to a full stop. For example, in exercise, you have to slow down first before you stop, otherwise the body cannot handle it, and then you will not receive the benefits from exercising.

If you say that your work is important and you want to become successful, then you must slow down and take breaks. You want to take a break every two hours because that is how much the body and mind can work straight in a productive level. If you work with a tiered body and mind, not only will it takes you a longer time to accomplish the task, but the result will not be as great.

Even though you might think that you are being productive during the day because you are doing a lot of things without resting, then try to re-think how much and well you did. You will realize that you did not accomplish much. When you are forcing your body and mind to do something that they cannot do, they will never get the job done successfully. For example, you could just be sitting and thinking a lot, but not coming up with any creative or productive idea. If you tend to lose focus multiple of times, then your body and mind is out of energy. For example, when you attend a class or an event that is longer than two hours, you will start to feel tier and not well focus after two hours. However, if your mind is productive, it will not lose focus.

Another example would be if you have five hours to work on a project. You have two choices. First, is to do the project straight for five hours without stopping to rest. The second option is to work for two hours, rest for one hour, and then back to work for the last two hours. When you choose to work for five hours straight, you might be able to finish the project in five hours without stopping, but your project is not at it best.

However, if you stop and rest for one hour after working for two hours, then you are allowing your body and brain to recharge their energy. When you come back to work after your rest, you will have the full capacity to work well and also at a faster paste. When you rest, you are able to finish the same project in only four hours compared to working five hours straight. In addition, when you are able to work on a clear mind, you will also enjoy your work more. When you produce something great, you develop a good feeling from within you.


1. Plan out your day. Depend on how many hours you work in a day; you want to divide it by 2. For example, if you work for 8 hours, take 8 and divide it by 2, then you will get 4. In this case, you want to take 4 breaks throughout the day. Even if you only take a 5 minutes break, you must take it.

2. You want to take your break away from your working area, at least 20 feet away. Your body and brain needs to focus on something else completely.

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