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How to beat ‘Pocket Creature’ in 36 days

"Pocket Creature" achievement for beating the game in less than 36 days
"Pocket Creature" achievement for beating the game in less than 36 days

Pocket Creature” is a small flash game on the Tremor Games site that allows you to collect Tremor coins for playing. These coins can be turned into prizes like free Steam video games, ebooks or even bitcoins and League of Legends items. This game is one that pays out the most coins, with a whopping 120 for completing all the achievements.

One of the most difficult achievements to get is to defeat the game in 36 days or less. This achievement awards 15 coins - as well as unlocking the achievement for beating the game in less than 100 days which is an additional 10 coins. This guide is going to walk you through the 36 days or less achievement.

Remember to ignore all other achievements until you finish this guide. You can obtain all of the others after you have completed the main game.

Day 1 - 2

Round 1: 2 Variants

Round 2: Dragon

Before the match starts follow the game’s directions to go to the shop. Purchase a Pinocchio and a Dragon. Go to the team page and place the Dragon in the second slot and the Pinocchio in the third slot.

Each round of the main story takes 2 days to complete - 1 day per round.

Day 3 - 4

Round 1: Dragon and Corpse

Round 2: Variant and Pinocchio

Feed the Dragon one time. That’s all you should have the money to do. Proceed to the next main story battle.

Day 5 - 6

Round 1: Pinocchio, Corpse and Dragon

Round 2: Bombard Dragon

Feed the Dragon as much as you can - it should equal 2 more times.

Day 7 - 12

Round 1: Tyrannosaurus

Round 2: Walker

Evolve the Dragon into a Bombard Dragon. Move the Bombard Dragon into the third space and the Pinocchio into the second.

Play 4 rounds of the random mission battles.

Feed the Bombard Dragon as much as possible before progressing to the next round. This should be just one feeding short of evolution.

Day 13 - 14

Round 1: Dragon, Walker and Striker

Round 2: Star Spirit

Evolve the Bombard Dragon into the Shadow Dragon. Move the Shadow Dragon into the fourth slot and the Variant into the third.

Day 15 - 16

Round 1: Warp, Bombard Dragon and Eater

Round 2: Ultima

Evolve the Pinocchio into Chronos. Keep the Chronos in the second slot and proceed to the next battle.

Day 17 - 20

Round 1: Striker, Warp and Star Spirit

Round 2: Scarface, Bombard Dragon and Star Spirit

Feed the Chronos as much as possible - you should be able to feed it about two times.

Complete 2 random mission battles.

Evolve the Chronos into Scarface. Place the Scarface in the first position.

Purchase a second Pinocchio and place it into the second position.

Day 21 - 22

Round 1: Eater, Shaker, Bombard Dragon and Star Spirit

Round 2: Lord, Striker and Shadow Dragon

Evolve the Pinocchio into a Chronos.

Evolve the Variant into a Warp.

Day 23 - 24

Round 1: Ultima, Spartan, Star Spirit and Bombard Dragon

Round 2: Frost Spirit, Spartan, Tyrannosaurus, Dark Dragon

Evolve the Chronos into a second Scarface.

Day 25 - 26

Round 1: Mechanical Dragon, Walker, Dark Dragon and Entropy Alien

Round 2: Corpse King, Dark Dragon, Shaker and Chronos

Evolve the Warp into a Soul Seeker.

Feed one of the Scarfaces as much as possible. This should be about one feeding.

Day 27 - 28

Round 1: Shaker, Spartan, Scarface and Bombard Dragon

Round 2: Ultima, Entropy Alien, Frost Spirit and Dark Dragon

Finish feeding one Scarface and feed the second one as much as possible before proceeding to the next round.

Purchase a Pinocchio with leftover funds if you have any. Do not put it on the field. Just leave it waiting in the extra character box.

Day 29 - 30

Round 1: Striker, Lord, Soul Seeker and Shadow Killer

Round 2: Lord, Chronos, Frost Spirit and Devourer

If you were unable to buy the Pinocchio last round, purchase one now. Swap the Shadow Dragon out with it. Evolve the Pinocchio into Striker. Then evolve the Striker into a Shadow Killer. Place the Shadow Killer into the third slot and the Soul Seeker into the fourth.

Day 31 - 32

Round 1: 2 Spartans, Soul Seeker and Shaker

Round 2: Lord, Corpse King, Entropy Alien and Shadow Dragon

Finish feeding the second Scarface and feed either the Soul Seeker or the Shadow Killer with any remaining funds.

Day 33 - 34

Round 1: Shadow Dragon, Dark Dragon, Mechanical Dragon and Fire Dragon

Round 2: Scarface, Ultima, Shadow Killer and Chakra

Feed the Soul Seeker and Shadow Killer as much as possible. One should be finished being fed before you move on to the next round.

Day 35 - 36

Round 1: Scarface, Shadow Dragon, Soul Seeker and Shadow Killer

Round 2: Romeo, Fire Dragon, Chakra and Devourer

Finish feeding the Shadow Killer or Soul Seeker - whichever you hadn’t finished feeding during the last round - before proceeding to the final battle.

This should allow you to complete the final battle with an S-rank. Which will gain you the Romeo-S pocket creature. Romeo-S has incredibly high stats and randomly rolls up any ability of any of the other monsters in the game. Romeo-S is required if you plan to complete the King Romeo achievement on Tremor Games.

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