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How to beat mental road blocks

How to beat mental road blocks
How to beat mental road blocks
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From dieting, to working out, saving money and to your goals, how do the tough keep going when the going gets tough. It’s getting harder, your mind is telling you to stop and. How do you stop those destructive “woes me” thoughts.

An untrained mind can be the death of the best laid plans

It’s true where the mind goes the body follows. Your mind can come up with a million excuses as to why you should stop or quit and even give up altogether.

“You got to be stronger

Fearless in 2014. Warriors who walk through fire in a gasoline suit only to come out the other side unscathed and triumphant, never needing to beat themselves up later for giving up, have a way to get over and through the hurdles. “You got to stay together.”

Find your courage and remain courageous

If you’ve ever watched an “Indiana Jones” movie you realize he’s never afraid, he doesn’t give up and he never complains. He doesn’t like snakes but he doesn’t let that stop him. At the end of any one of this character’s movies he makes his goal and never says “whew that was tough" or "you just have no idea what I have been through.” The idea is to become stronger with each passing day.

Your mental block is real

But risky-behavior is counterproductive. Why bother putting yourself in a position you know will weaken your stance if not make you fail entirely. You aren’t wrong for feeling fearful or afraid or whatever the block may be.

The way to come out the other side

If you won’t feel the fear or anger or loss, which is the best way to avoid it, and look your mental block square in the face, you are going to have more than just a tough row to hoe. You are going to have one hell of a mountain to climb.

People chose the mental block or road block to get ‘stuck’ behind and plead ignorance or denial. You might think it’s easier this way, but it is not. Part of it is not wanting to take the responsibility for your own energy, the other may be fear or whatever the trauma was that occurred.

Why do bad things happen to good people

You can face it because you have been through worse. Bad things happen to you to put some ”spine” in your backbone. Most people wave their mental blocks and fears around like they are their flags or banners that they are entitled to. It says, “I’m not going any further and you can’t make me.” But what you do not deal with this lifetime, you will come back in the next time and need to deal with it. Why put off until later what you can clear out for yourself now?

If you feel like you are really over dealing with your mental blocks and at a breaking point, listen up, you are really ready to do something about it now and take some kind of action to remove them and get over the hurdle. Bad things happen to good people because what you have been dealing with up until the bad crap time was not so bad. The point is to get you to see that and stop your whining, your flag waving, your mental blocks and move forward now in life.

It also has to do with setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is hard for you because it requires communication, it may require you to “give back” some energy you have been taking on yourself from others around you and making them responsible or their own energy. If this kind of relationship has been going on for years or even life times and in some families even generations its particularly difficult being the link in the chain that says the block stops here.

Be with your mental block

The thing about mental blocks is that you know where they are in the road. You know when to slow down and exactly at what point to stop before you even come to them. You don’t even hit the wall, you do not go any further and probably come to a screeching halt about 10-50 feet before it. Some people have their mental blocks so far ahead in sight that they don’t even see them as mental blocks anymore, they stop miles ahead of the mental block and avid any side road or main highway that would lead there, and certainly do all they can to not let others take them there, they can push the mental block so far down inside them that they are in denial and blame it on something else, another circumstance or even another person.

Your relationships will change, you will become happier, and people will treat you with more respect

That is if they want to be in your life.

Confidence is always there on your shelf

First you must release the guilt and the shame. Next you must shower yourself with love and compassion. Number two actually goes hand-in-hand with number one, and that is don’t let others put you into that ‘place’ by telling you it is yours. Mental blocks can also be put on your by others, spouses, lovers, relatives, teachers, parents have their own issues and put it on you. It really does pay to be aware, mindful of your ‘being’ and to be responsible for it; because it is very much a part of the illusion you need to lose.

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