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How to be romantic on the phone

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If you have just met someone and want to make a good impression to take your relationship further, being romantic on phone is a great skill you have to learn. Perhaps you have been feeling so nervous all the time you want call him/her and don't know how well to expressing your feelings towards that person? Well this is quite normal to happen to you especially if you are with someone new, but if its lasting for long then its high time you learn some basics skills on how you to be romantic while talking to your dearest on phone. Below are some great tips on how to be romantic on the phone.

First of all know the best time to call your partner.

This is one of the most common mistakes we are likely to make when we are so much into someone. For example, you could be feeling so bored during the day and decide to call your love when he/she is at the work place. If your love is having a rough day at work, he/she is more likely see you as a nuisance no matter how sweet you may sound to be and will work at his/her best to end the conversation. The best time to call someone you love for a romantic chat is when he/she has a relaxed mind. It is for this reason why you need study your partner's schedule so that you can know the right time to call him/her.

Talk to your loved one in a nice and polite way.

The best way to show that you care and respect the person you love is by being polite towards them. It is for this reason that you should try as much as possible to be very polite in the entire conversation. For example, you can be polite by not asking weird questions on phone that may cause your love to feel unwanted; however if he/she did so, a polite response that doesn't trigger arguments proves a great sense your maturity. Furthermore, being polite to your partner in this manner also show that you are in full control of your emotions.

Don't let the conversation to be all about yourself.

No matter how good you think you are at doing things, please try very hard to be very brief about it. Speaking so much about yourself will create an impression that you are selfish and that you are a bad listener. Therefore, instead of telling him/her what you think he/she need to know, it will be very romantic if you let her ask you what he/she needs to know.

Express your feelings to the person you love.

When you are calling you loved one over the phone, find the best words to tell how much you love him/her and explain your reasons. One of the most romantic ways that you may use to tell your feelings to the person you love is by writing a poem and reading it to him/her in a nice tone over the phone.

Find something nice to talk about.

Keep your phone conversation lively by talking about things you share in common; for example you may talk about his/her favorite music, sports or an upcoming event that you would love to go together. Talking about things you share in common on phone will also help you to know how to plan well if you intend to take your girl out for date.

Find a quiet place to talk to your love.

If your girl happens to call you when you are listening to very loud music or watching your favorite series, kindly find a quiet place so that she can have your full attention. Talking to her while watching/listening at the same time will tend to make your girl think of you as not considerate which may affect her emotions.

It is the desire of everyone to love and to be loved in return.

One of the many ways that we love to express our love to our dear ones is by phoning them. This is because having a romantic conversation with your loved one will bring the two of you close to each other despite being away from each other. With great tactics on how you can be romantic on the phone, you will not only have a good phone conversation, but also a long term healthy relationship.