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How to be prepared and cautious when traveling with your dog in the car

Can I ride back here - this is so cool????

Sometimes you just need to get away and often times a road trip is the answer in clearing your head. Like most pet owners, you may prefer to travel with your pet, whether it is for a long weekend or lengthy vacation. Sometimes it is not feasible to travel with your dog, leaving you the option of a boarding facility. However, if you insist on traveling with your pet, you can find everything you need for your dog at your local Rockford-area Petsmart or Petco.

I have writen several articles on this subject, stat that you must restrain your dog in the car, no matter where or how long you will be driving. For the smaller dogs, you can keep them in a crate, secured to the car seat; however, there are car seats available that can be secured in the car with various belts and the auto seat belt. For the larger pet, there are restraint vests available that also connects to the car seat belt, keeping your pet safely in place while traveling. Most restraints and car seats are made adjustable so that your dog can be safe while also having the ability to look out the window and enjoy the sights. Imagine how much safer and more enjoyable your trip is when your pet is happy and safe!

When your dog is in the car with you, do not, under any circumstances, run in anywhere, keeping your pet in the car. Leaving a crack on windows will not make much difference when the temps outside are warm. In fact, even if the temp is 70 degrees outside and the sun is shining, it doesn't take long for the temps within the vehicle to escalate into the triple digits. Either travel only in areas where dogs are allowed or leave them at home, not in a hot car.

Always have some extra water and a pet water bowl in your car when traveling so that your dog can have water access. Dogs can get anxious in the car and result in nervous panting. Take frequent breaks, not only for potty relief but also to stay hydrated. It may not always be necessary to feed your pet when traveling; some won't eat if they are nervous. But it is essential to offer water.

Remember, safety is the key for a fun, safe season when traveling with family, including your pets. A little extra effort goes a long way to ensure fun, safe travels.

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