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How to be more conscious when picking an intimate relationship

There is no greater time to be conscious then when one is picking an intimate relationship. A common trend in America is to rush into a relationship based on one’s physical needs or fears of being alone. Many engage in the musical chairs of dating, quickly picking a mate before the music has stopped. Often times looking for love outside of one-self.

Everyone is unconscious in some area of their life. A person’s habits are just one example of an unconscious area. The fastest way to increase consciousness in one’s mate selection is to pay attention to who is showing up at the door. The relationship you attract is just a mirror of how you treat your-self.

Lisa attracted a highly educated attractive man with a great personality. She really thought this man had great potential. Everything was going great until he started pointing out what she needed to change. He first focused on her looks and suggested she drop a few pounds in order to be perfect. Next, he wanted her to get plastic surgery so that she can be truly stunning.

Lisa had attracted the exact same man she had just left. It is no surprise since no change in her outside world will occur until she changes what occurs in her inside world. You see Lisa was still stuck blaming her ex-husband for being a shallow Hal. She never once contemplated her role in her relationship problems.

If you are attracting what you do not want than it is imperative to observe what is going on. If Lisa can choose to use the power of observation in her favor than she can move past these painful encounters. If Lisa loved herself more she would not be attracting men who insisted on changing her.

Lisa needs to do an inventory on what she does not like about herself. If she fails to recognize what she does not like then she will continue to attract a mate to point out these faults until she learns to love them. Is this man in her life empowering her to learn more self-love? If Lisa was truly satisfied with her physique than she would not be attracting into her life a man who requested such changes.

Conscious dating is when one stops blaming the messenger and uses the skill of observation. Unfortunately, too many people get stuck in blaming the person showing up at the door. If Lisa learns the skill of observation when dating than she can recognize what adjustments are necessary to attract a loving relationship. Every mate will be challenging for Lisa until she learns to love herself more.

Love requires consciousness!

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