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How to bathe and groom a dog with fleas

Forget it! This is not as fun as it looks!

The best you can do for your dog is a preventative plan that keeps fleas away from harming your pet. However, sometimes for some reason,one of those little pests finds its way on your dog's warm, fuzzy body. Despite the reason for a flea problem, you can help your pet by bathing it in a good flea shampoo and through a thorough grooming. Anything and everything you need for your dog can be found at your local Rockford-area Petsmart or Petco as listed below or one close to your home and get your dog flea-free!

If you are not sure your dog has fleas, you can check your pet's gums, first, to see if they are nice and pink or appear pale, indicating something is indeed causing anemia the way a flea does. It siphons blood from your pet that does cause an anemic condition in addition to discomfort, itchiness and sometimes infections as a result of an allergy to the flea bite. You can also brush your dog's fur in a backwards motion to see if anything is scurrying on the body, especially around the rear area, eyes and ears.

Before choosing to shampoo your dog, brush your pet thoroughly. In the event of fleas, comb your dog's fur in the bathtub area with a flea comb and any fleas that fall in the tub can either be squashed or washed down with very hot water. A flea comb is a special tool with very fine teeth; a flea cannot get through.

After the combing and brushing, wet your dog thoroughly with nice, warm water and lather with a vet-approved flea and tick shampoo. Some suggest the use of Dawn dishwashing liquid; just be cautious around the eyes and mouth. Once you get the desied lather on your dog, let it sit in the tub for a good five minutes or as directed on the bottle. Rinse very well and towel dry your dog.

You will want to brush and comb out your dog again with the flea comb to ensure no pests have been left behind. Just a little note to remember, if you did find fleas on your dog, chances as strong that they are akso on the bedding,possibly furniture and carpets where your pet frequents. As you progress through the grooming process, you want to ensure you wash all above items in very hot, soapy water, vacuum all furniture and carpets and dispose of the vacuum bag immediately.

Except for the young puppy, some dogs with severe flea problems can be dipped in special medicated pesticides, but these products are much to harsh for the babies. Once the home and pet are flea-free, it is imperative that you put a preventative measure into practice. Flea collars are good but not the best option; your vet can advise you of excellent spot-on options to apply to your pet that works continually for up to a month or more, depending on the product and brand.

Prevention is always the best option and with the tips above, you pet should be happy and healthy without a flea or tick concern. Grooming and brushing your pet on a regular basis is one of the best ways to monitor the health of your dog from skin problems, parasites and other troubles that can cause great discomfort for your pet.

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