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How to balance your work and love life

Whether you are married, dating or simply starting a new relationship with someone, working a fulltime job and nurturing that relationship with your love interest can be challenging.

Most of us strive to do well in our jobs, even putting in overtime to either finish a project or simply to bring more bucks to the household. However, sometimes in doing so, we bring friction to our relationships. Yes, we aspire to do well in our jobs and to accomplish great things that enhance our careers, but at what cost is this to cultivating and strengthening our relationships with our mates?

Don’t let your job jeopardize your relationship

As Valentine’s Day approaches, this a perfect time of the year to reevaluate whether we are giving adequate time to our relationship with our mates.

Whether married or dating, any couple that spends extra hours on the job or moonlighting may be writing the death certificate of their marriage or relationship. People need to realize when all is said and done; their relationship with their mate is the most important part of their quality of life.

If you are spending 65 hours a week at work and four or five hours working on the weekend at another job, there would be little time available for courting or dating your mate. And in the process you and your mate could find yourselves growing apart at the expense of too many hours spent on the job.

Unfortunately, many put their romantic relationship on hold to cope with work demands. Such actions leave both partners unsatisfied and at risk of seeking other avenues to fulfill their emotional needs.

If you ever watched episodes of the television show “Cheaters” you will notice many times after the cheating partner is exposed and the show host ask them why they cheated, often they would reply because their partner did not spend enough time with them or simply spent too much time at work and neglected them. Of course, this does not justify cheating, but the point is when you do not spend adequate time with your mate, bad things can sometimes happen.

Couples, especially those that are married, must realize that there is nothing out there that’s more important than your personal relationship with your mate, and it is what your success in life will ultimately depend on. If your career, friends, relatives, finances or even your children take higher priority than that of your spouse or mate, there is a good chance that your relationship with your mate will be at risk.

How to balance your work and personal life

The key to balancing and managing your work and personal life is to prioritize the things that are most important to you and communicate boundaries to your employer, your spouse or mate and anyone else the demands your time.

Say for example the boss is holding several late afternoon meetings that are taking you away from time spent with your mate. In such example, simply go into the boss’s office and gently close the door behind you. Politely ask can the meetings be pushed up early so that you can spend necessary time with the love of your life who is feeling neglected. But also, let your boss know that you are committed to the job and want to continue a successful career with the organization, but your relationship with your spouse is a priority. If he or she is like most good bosses, they will respect both your honesty and decision in placing your relationship with your spouse as a priority and would promptly reschedule those late meetings at an earlier time.

Successful companies know today, if they are going to be victorious in retaining good employees, they must provide a balance work life for their staff. Part of that balance includes a flexible work schedule. A flexible work schedule ranks right up there in value along with other important company benefits. More companies today are offering such relax scheduling more so than ever before.

If the company you work for is not sensitive to your needs of balancing time at work and home with your spouse, you may want to seriously consider working somewhere else where the work culture values a balance work life and offer more flexibility for time spent tending to family and personal relation matters.

Ideas for couples to add romance to their relationship

After having established your relationship with your mate is a priority, here are some things you can do to make romance an integral part of your relationship. These ideas are also great for celebrating Valentine’s Day, but should be put into practice on a regular basis. They will surely help keep a sparkle in your love life:

  • Make time for dating each other on a regular basis as you did when you first started courting.
  • Block out time each day to simply talk with each other. This means turning off the television, computer and other distractions that get in way of your “talk time”.
  • On a nice spring or summer day, prepare a healthy and romantic meal and have a picnic in the park where there is plenty of time spent snuggling and necking on a comfortable blanket.
  • Make kissing and touching a habit, even in public places, but in good taste.
  • On a weekly or monthly basis, give each other a relaxing full body massage.
  • Learn to fulfill each other’s sexual desires and appetite, even if one of you is not totally in the mood.
  • Take weekend get-always as often as possible. It’s a great way to spend time together in a different environment while enjoying mini vacations.
  • Surprise each other with little hand written love notes or letters along with flowers or other small gifts to show your affection and love for each other.
  • Do special favors for each other. Whether its washing one’s car, doing the dishes or simply massaging the other’s feet. Couples enjoy being surprised by the other’s good deed. Also, good deeds can also lead to other good things in the bedroom.
  • While at work, call each other up to simply let each other know how special they are. Also, tease each other about what exciting things you plan to do to each other when you see each other again.

Balancing your career and love life takes work and planning. Also, with a little cooperation with others, one can still have a successful career and love life. Set your priorities, manage your time, and seek understanding from your employer and you should be able to successfully balance both your career and time spent with the love of your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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