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How to balance your time between learning to sell on eBay and SELLING on eBay.

How to balance your time between learning to sell on eBay and SELLING on eBay. eBay seller: beverlyshoppingcenter

Dear eBay Queen:
I’ve been selling for a couple of years, and I’m trying to figure out how I can make this a part time job with full time income. My husband thinks all I do is spend money and time on other people’s e-books, podcasts etc.
Are there any tips you can give me?

Dear KJT:

There is a ton of information out there, and if you are not careful, it could make you poor not only in the wallet but also rob you of time. You really do not need to buy every single e-book that comes out. Just focus on what really applies to YOU, and what you will be able to benefit from. Take what you learn and to apply it to your business, otherwise it is a waste of time and money.
Another time-waster is Facebook, not just on your own timeline, but you can get lost for hours in eBay groups. There are a lot of Spreecasts, radio programs and podcasts you can listen to. Unless you are working while you are listening to them, they will drain all of your time.
When seeking advice from experts, make sure they are currently selling on eBay and are really doing what they profess to be experts in. I have found that if I focus on finding great product to sell at a good price, I don’t need anything else.

Strange eBay item of the week: eBay item: 370969450077. This Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent. I found this interesting find from The Vatican on eBay: Papal Bulla of Pope Pius VI 1799 Bull of Crusade Document Indulgence During Lent SOLD: $152.50.

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