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How to balance fast food

Need to loosen a belt buckle?
Need to loosen a belt buckle?

30 minutes ago you downed half a large pizza, some spicy wings, and chips. Then you washed that down with a grape soda. Now your body seeks retribution. It begins with a heavy, bloated feeling which passes into sleepiness, lethargy, heartburn, and eventual collapse.

Maybe it wasn't the pizza, maybe you crammed in some late night Taco Bell, or a load Sonic tater tots, or you drove by a Hardee's. The point is, you've now got to reckon with a whole bunch of unhealthy consequences. What's the solution to avoid the hour after agony? As in dealing with many problems, preventative measures work best.

We could go to the extreme, and just say you shouldn't gorge on the fast food at all, but that would make you a communist. Instead, prep yourself ahead of time. If you know you're going to be getting fast food, diet throughout the day. Or when a spur of the moment decision, hold off on downing those peanut butter crackers as you walk into the restaurant. Stretch your stomach with yogurt, vegetables, and berries like the pioneers before they went to Checker's.

Now you're in the after stages, and you've ignored all this advice and decided to end your meal with an oreo blended milkshake. Can anything be done? Legally speaking, I can't recommend bulimia. In all seriousness, drink lots of water, and keep yourself moving. Don't forget to immediately begin speaking remorsefully and with bewilderment about your decision to eat fast food. And don't go back for dinner.

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