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How to avoid Mr. Wrong


Does it seem as though you're always dating the wrong men? If so, do I have a treat for you! I had the privilege of working with Three Girls Media, based out of California. They put me in contact with Marni Battista, one of their clients, who specializes in helping ladies just like yourself. Marni Battista, author and owner of Dating with Dignity, helps women to understand how to get the men they want and deserve.

Marni personally understand relationships. She married young (at 22) and remained married for close to 17 years. She says that she eventually realized that she was very unhappy in the marriage and knew she had to get out of the relationship. Not long after, Marni began to date again, and quickly found herself in another relationship. Although the new guy was younger and much better looking, he was, in essence, the exact same man that she had married. Marni knew that she could no longer blame her dating patterns on others; she could see a clear-cut pattern in her life. 

Beyond her personal experience, Battista holds a Masters Degree in Education, studied at The Hoffman Institute, and is a certified Life Coach. Everything began to fall in place, and Marni began helping ladies improve their relationships by improving themselves. This program is different from so many others because it focuses on the internal factors that we bring to the table. So many women are caught up in the external factors, such as physical appearance, clothing, our jobs, and so on. Marni teaches us to dive deeper and look at where the real issues are coming from. Generally, they are coming from our behaviors and thoughts. The good news is that we control these behaviors and thoughts.

Battista uses the Date-Ability Assessment, which takes roughly 20 minutes to complete and comes with a one-on-one coaching session regarding your results. The assessment is taken from a test created in the late 90's that was used in workplaces to determine workplace energy. It measures communication styles and many other work-related behaviors. Marni began to realize that these behaviors went beyond the work-place, often spilling over into our personal relationships. And from this, a new relationship mentality was formed.

Don't just take my word for it, you can look at women, such as Marni and many of her clients to see that this works. Marni began to have a shift in her perspective and immediately started dating a lot of really interesting men. She learned how to be dependent and maintain her own life, all while being in a satisfying relationship. She has helped many women to do just the same. One of my favorite points of advice that she gives is to not compromise on what you want out of a relationship. She tells her clients, "ditch the cool girl mentality". This is so powerful! I was very pleased to hear her say this.  As women, I think we all have an image of what a "coo/good girlfriend" is supposed to be, and we try to live up to that image. Very often, it's when we stop caring and start being our true selves that we actually find fulfilling relationships.

If you know you're a good catch and are having a hard time meeting a nice guy, do yourself a favor and turn to Marni Battista. Check out, or dive in and get the ball rolling with the D- Factor Assessment at I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Marni; you could sense her energy and passion over the phone. If I didn't already have a Mr. Right, I might be calling on Marni myself. Do yourself a favor and learn how to improve your relationships today!


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