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How to avoid having your cover letter land in the delete file

Phoenician job seekers using cover letter examples to make an impact to an employer need to be very careful. Even though you had a friend share their cover letter with you to expedite the process, you can’t rely on their content to be 100% ready for you to cut/paste and email. You will need to take some extra steps before you hit send on any modified version of cover letter examples you decide to use.

  • Know why you need to use a cover letter. The key to writing an effective cover letter is understanding that the sole purpose is to get the reader to read your resume. Cover letter examples could help you get a feel for what content may be relevant to an employer. But, unless you have a cover letter from someone who has actually used that document in your industry, for a similar type of job, in the past year, you may be off target.
  • Tailor the cover letter to the employer and the job they are hiring for. Use the job description to give you direction on what the triggers are for the reader. How are the qualifications and responsibilities laid out in the posting? If education or training is crucial to the job, mentioning your skills and experience relative to that will be important to include in the cover letter.
  • Get to the point and communicate directly. Your cover letter is not your life story in one page or less. Generally, the cover letter should be formatted with an introduction paragraph that shares a couple of key sentences about the top two to three skills needed for the job and how you have them and have used them successfully in the past.
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