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How to avoid economic euthanasia

All too often pet owners face a tragic choice. Faced with costly veterinary treatment, many are forced to choose economic euthanasia, ending the pet's life in lieu of much more expensive vet bills. In a Jan. 2, 2014 press release, Ohio-based Embrace Pet Insurance announced its partnership with Dr. Marty Becker, known as America's Veterinarian, to help protect pets and raise awareness of pet health insurance.

Pet owners too often face the trauma of economic euthanasia when life-saving veterinary treatments are beyond their budget.
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With over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian and appearances on both Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Becker has partnered with Embrace Pet Insurance to help spread the word that affordable pet insurance can eliminate the need for economic euthanasia.

Dr. Becker says, "I don't want this to happen to any pet, which is why I'm a firm advocate for pet health insurance. Embrace Pet Insurance makes it so that you never have to say, 'I can't afford that, Doc, you'll have to put him down.'"

Dr. Becker selected Ohio-based Embrace Pet Insurance to partner with after giving much thought to pet insurance options available today. According to the press release, Embrace's customizable accident and illness coverage, easy-to-use routine wellness care and compassionate customer service are reasons why Embrace is rated as one of the top pet insurers in the US.

Katie Huneke, Embrace's Veterinary Territory Manager, says "We're thrilled to be partnering with America's Veterinarian. Dr. Becker is well-respected within the veterinary community and we're confident that he'll help raise awareness of pet insurance, enabling more pets to be protected."

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