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How to avoid catching your spouse's seasonal virus


This time of year is a magnet for seasonal flu's. The demand increases for the vaccines that have been produced to prevent the affects of catching  the influenza virus. But what happens when the virus is already in your own house and one of your own is infected? For most of us we don't want to be sick with a virus that makes us weak, hot, cold , achy, and just plain old miserable. However we also don't want to allow anything to keep us away from those intimate moments that involve snuggling with our spouse or anything that makes up the sum total of quality time.

So how do you resist the temptation of smooching while your spouse is sick? Its easier than you think to get pass this stage of temptation especially when your feeling "touchy feely." Close your eyes and imagine how miserable you both would be if neither one of you could help each other. Picture this: your both to weak to cook , clean, work......survive and on top of that you feel like your going to  die! Now that thought in itself should be enough motive to be more careful in your interaction with your spouse while they are infected.

Lets face it you have needs that need to be met and those needs could very well come in the form of increased sexual intensity. Believe it or not there is no scientific evidence stating that the influenza virus can be caught through sexual transmission. In fact,  Dr. Sheila K. Bahr of Botsford General Hospital in Michigan states that :

The influenza virus is a respiratory virus not a sexually transmitted disease.

Unfortunately this is not the time to jump in the sack. Besides the fact that your partner's not feeling "too hot" the virus's germs can still be spread through various forms of contact. 

Anytime you are in contact with a person who is infected with the influenza virus you are at risk to catch the virus yourself.  Christopher Cox, CDC Media Relation Representative

Because the influenza virus is transmitted through air by coughs or sneezes creating aerosoles, it is more than likely in your sheets, covering your kitchen, in your shower and anywhere else your spouse has been. So now that you've been briefed and convinced on the severity of catching your spouse's flu how can you avoid it? Below is a list that both you are spouse should live by if one or both of you are infected by the seasonal virus.

  1. Obtain influenza vaccinations
  2. Wash hands frequently
  3. Cover coughs and sneezes with tissue
  4. Your spouse should probably say isolated to one room (beside bathroom visits)
  5. Avoid sexual contact
  6. Avoid snuggling
  7. Avoid smooches
  8. Spray your house with Lysol Dissenfectant Consistently
  9. Drink plenty of liquids to constantly flush out your system from any impurities
  10. Maintain Vitamin intake ( orange juice, zinc, even airborne are preventative methods to boost your immune system)

Many times when your surrounded by a loved one who is infected with the seasonal virus you also have to assume the position of being sick. By assuming the virus is automatically airborne through out your house you can start using preventative methods to proactively stop an infection before it starts. These course of actions allow you to actively maintain the roll of caregiver, while nursing your other half back to complete health and restoration.