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How to avoid a knee injury

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Don't go overboard with high impact exercises

If people want to avoid knee injuries, they do not want to do high impact exercises to the point of overexertion because this causes the injuries quickly. For example, if they run for exercise, run twice a week rather than every day.

Warm up before exercise

Another way to reduce knee injuries is to always warm up before starting an exercise routine. Stretching is a good way to warm up and can walk for ten to fifteen minutes before starting workout since walking is a neat way to warm up. Ideally warm up for about ten to fifteen minutes and this is adequate.

Reduce the obesity

Obesity causes to be prone to getting knee injuries so if someone has extra pounds, it is best to cut back on the excess pounds. Do this by exercising daily and by cutting out all unhealthy foods such as high sodium boxed meals, processed foods, fried foods and TV dinners. When eat out, order small portioned meals or share large portioned meals with someone else.

Rest in between workouts

Sometimes in between workouts they should take a break for at least a few days or even weeks if necessary because their knees need time to relax and recover from the intensity of a workout. Once they are well rested, they can resume their exercises.

Get assistance with lifting heavy things

Another way of avoiding knee injuries is to not try to lift very heavy items by themselves. Get help from two or three people if they have some heavy items that are too hard to lift by them. Not only will they reduce knee injuries, but they will also reduce back injuries.

Vitamin C and D rich foods

The foods they eat affect joint health and one of the best ways to avoid knee injuries is to eat foods that are high in vitamins C and D. These foods include leafy greens, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, dairy foods, peppers and strawberries. They can also take vitamin C and D supplements to boost intake of these vitamins.


Their knees are essential to daily activities and when they become injured, they may experience damage that could last months or even years. This is why they should do what they can to avoid knee injuries and take good care of their knees.

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