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How to attract women: Helpful tips for success

How to attract women
How to attract women

The best tips on how to attract women are quite simple. One does not have to be the richest, most handsome man in the world in order to impress a woman in public. Good manners, fun conversation, and showing a woman that she is interesting and attractive enough to hold a person's attention go a long way toward a successful outcome.

Understanding the Art of Conversation

Good conversation makes an enjoyable first encounter. Similarly, awkward or stilted conversations can quickly make a flop of the initial meeting. As a general rule, it is good to stay off controversial subjects when speaking to a woman for the first time. Few women want to meet a man for the first time only to have the conversation turn into a political debate or a religious argument. There will be plenty of time to discover if compatibility or compromise can exist in these areas without bombarding someone with opinions on controversial topics. There is also no need to discuss past relationships. Women have a certain level of curiosity, just as men do, concerning an individual's past love life. However, no one wants to hear a monologue during a first encounter about a former disastrous relationships. This indicates that a high level of importance is still attached to the former relationship, which is not something the woman will be pleased to discover.

Having Direction in Life

At some point after a couple meets, the woman will naturally ask about the man's occupation and his goals for the future. Contrary to what many men think, not all women ask men about their occupations because they are gold diggers. Women have a curiosity where this matter is concerned because they want to make sure they are dating a man who has some ambition in life, not a drifter with no definite plans for his future. Women equate a careless attitude towards employment with a careless attitude towards relationships. If a man is young and still undecided about a permanent career, he should not infer that he has no plans, but simply state that he is still at the entry level at his current job but expects to advance as he pursues a career path.

Avoid Clamoring for Attention

Being loud and boisterous in public gives the wrong impression regardless of the social engagement, but this mistake is especially disastrous when a man is trying to attract a woman. Trying too hard to get attention makes most men appear childish, immature, and even obnoxious, none of which are traits most women find appealing. It is much wiser to maintain a presence in the room, rather than being shy, but avoid going overboard with loud jokes or other attention-seeking tactics.

Curbing Enthusiasm

One of the most essential tips for men who want to impress women in public is to understand that what one person may consider exciting may be completely boring to another. Therefore, it is important to keep one's enthusiasm for sports in check while on a date. Although most individuals have a favorite sport, if sports are a man's religion and his car is decorated with his favorite team's name and he wears nothing but team logo attire, this may present a problem. Those who are serious about finding that special someone must understand that ranting and raving about unfair umpires or rattling off ball game statistics will cast a pallor on the entire first encounter. Most women understand that men have a loyalty to sports in one way or another, and they accept this. However, they do not expect the topic to monopolize the conversation. It is a bad idea to meet a woman in a bar or cocktail lounge, strike up a conversation and then proceed to turn to the TV screen every few minutes in order to keep up with the score of the game. This will make the woman wonder where the man's interests truly lie. If she decides that football is claiming the lion's share of the attention, chances for a date at some point in the future are basically over.

Finally, it is essential to avoid standard pick-up lines, such as "don't I know you from somewhere?" Rather, the man should pick out an attractive feature on the woman in whom he is interested and pay a genuine compliment. If she is at all interested in him, this will be enough to get the ball rolling. Depending on the scenario of the first meeting, asking for directions, the time, or another neutral question are also good ways to start conversations. Most men want to impress the opposite sex at some point in time, and the aforementioned tips on how to attract women will help them accomplish this goal.

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