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How to achieve the perfect pedicure at home


Photo credit: Real Simple

Need to get your feet ready for sandal season, but don't have the money to spend going to the salon? Pedicures are easy to achieve from the comfort of your own home with just a few steps and some time.

Step 1: Remove old nail polish
Step 2: Trim toe nails
Step 3: File toe nails
Step 4: Soak feet in water
Using bath salts in warm water will not only clean feet but also help get rid of dead skin cells on the surface. Some say adding just a little bit of milk helps loosen up the dead skin.
Step 5: Buff
After drying of feet use a buffing block that has smooth and rough surfaces. Using the rough surface on the heels, sides of feet, and nails to remove any unnecessary skin that doesn't come off with your foot bath. Using the smooth side smooth the parts you used the rough skin on to ensure that the skin remains soft.
Step 6: Moisturize
Using foot cream apply all over the foot. I recommend Miss Oops Pedicure In a Bottle. Not only does it hydrate your feet, but it also exfoliates in the process. If you want a faster pedicure this cream will eliminate the need for step 4 and 5. Doesn't leave the skin feeling oily, which is important especially when it comes to your feet. 
Step 7: Apply nail polish (optional)
Nails look prettier with color on them and this season a lot of brands have come out with gorgeous color collections. Use colors that match the season, such as collections from Essie or OPI.


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